Undercover Lover - An Erotic Story (Mild Bondage Sex)

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Hi ckclontz — thank you for checkin in with me! While I do have a number of key plot elements all laid out in my head, I also have three novel-length projects on my plate, and am not a fast writer.

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50 Must-Read Erotic Fiction Novels, Anthologies, And More

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  • Master Jinn - Revenge of Kerma.

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‘light bondage’ stories

The most popular seem to be transformation or body swap into the other gender man-to-woman and their experiences as the other sex, also people turning into articles of clothing and being worn, washed and put away for re-use. The means of transformation are varied and include viruses or strange chemicals, machines, pills, potions, magic spells or curses.

The transformation can be non-consensual, with the transformer often becoming confused, scared, or angry as the changes take place, although some transformations are gladly accepted and even chosen by the individual. FM; majick; spell; transform; M2breasts; forget; tease; mast; hum; stuck; FF; college; lesbian; kiss; fondle; reveal; cons; X Tweenercheeks MF; fantasy; desire; hypno; objectify; transform; M2object; panties; worn; used; messy; oral; sex; climax; cons; X Sister site to here.

The site also archives other transformation stories including animal, mythical beasts, furry creatures, various universes, and unclassified stories. New Existence - Transformation into objects Weblog on transformation into objects; great stories; images and captions. Cobalt Jade A transformation story site mainly concerning Statuary eg: a beautiful princess is transformed into a statue.

Best Erotic fiction anthologies and collections

Tons of beautiful ladies bound and gagged Ashley Renee Ashley is the ultimate bondage model tied up by the World's Best Bondage Riggers, often in latex in high resolution pictures and video! Pictures and video of tight, restrictive bondage. All original, imaginative content.

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Weekly updates. You will never see another site like this one! Also features sybian sex. Water Bondage Helpless bound beauties get sprayed, washed, dunked and boned, breath play, orgasms and underwater bondage leave the sexy subs wet and wanting more.

reminder.regexbyte.com/libraries/mclean/1268-sylwester-dla.php Wired Pussy Beautiful women are tied up, dominated, and fucked with all kinds of insane electrical toys and insertables.