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For example, a pickup truck traveling at 70 miles per hour that passes the penny test can take up to However, the same truck has a stopping distance feet shorter if it passes the quarter test instead.

This is a 24 percent difference in stopping distance, and the equivalent of six or more car lengths. The Tire Rack also reported that tires passing the quarter test exhibited better grip on the road under other driving conditions as well. Given these facts, AAA suggests you put that penny back in your piggy bank and instead use a quarter to check tire wear and determine when it is time for replacement.

Tire Inflation Inspection. Keeping your tires properly inflated is one of the easiest ways to help maintain good gas mileage and extend the life of your tires. Pressure gauges built into air hoses at gas stations are often abused and frequently inaccurate. Recommended tire pressures are for cold tires. Therefore, tire pressure should be checked at ambient temperature before the vehicle has been driven. Checking tire pressure on a car that has warm tires can result in a pressure reading of up to 5 psi higher than the recommended pressure.

On older cars the decal may be in the glove box or inside the fuel filler door. The tire gauge will indicate how much pressure is in the tire. When adding air, push the air hose into the valve firmly, until the air stops escaping. Check the pressure every few seconds to help judge the amount of air going into the tire, until you reach the recommended air pressure.

Repeat the process for the other tires. Tire Maintenance. There are several tire maintenance procedures that automotive repair professionals should do because they require special tools and knowledge. However, understanding these procedures will help you feel more confident in dealing with a repair provider.

Tires on the front and the rear of vehicles operate at different loads and perform different steering and braking functions, resulting in unequal wear patterns. Usually tire rotation is performed between 5, and 7, miles. Common on performance cars are tires designed to rotate in a specific direction; these can only be rotated front-to-rear, and if different tire sizes are used on the front and rear axles rotation is not possible.

Science Behind Using Fire To Mount Car Tires

Properly balanced tires help minimize uneven wear and extend their life. When tires are balanced, small weights are attached to the wheels to limit vibration of the tire and wheels as they turn. Newly installed tires should be balanced, and thereafter whenever a vibration is noticed. Balancing is also called for whenever a tire is removed from the wheel, for example to repair a puncture. Wheel alignment is the measurement of the position of the wheels compared to specifications that the vehicle manufacturers recommend.

Each vehicle has specific wheel alignment settings. If any alignment measurement falls outside the specified range, uneven tire wear can result, vehicle handling may be affected and fuel economy can be diminished. You should have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted when new tires are installed, and thereafter any time when unusual steering characteristics are observed. A drift or pull can be caused by problems other than just alignment, so a thorough inspection should be performed by a qualified shop to determine the exact nature of the problem before an alignment is performed.

Fewer and fewer vehicles are equipped with a standard spare tire.

This list can help you prepare. Proper tire care and safety is simple and easy. Suspension check: check the shock absorbers by applying your weight to each corner of the car then quickly releasing it. If it bounces more than twice, this could mean the shock absorbers are faulty and need to be checked. Exhaust: check for exhaust leaks by starting the engine in a well-ventilated space at normal temperature, then listen from the rear of the car for any unusual noises or abnormal smoke.

Get a quote from the garage you got the MOT from if they do repairs, and then call around for some quotes from other local garages. You might be able to find the repairs cheaper even if they need to tow your vehicle to their garage. You need to fix all major and dangerous faults to make your car roadworthy and then arrange a partial MOT retest in which your car must pass before you can drive it on the roads again.

If you take your vehicle away for repairs, and return it before the end of the next working day, the test is normally free. UK website. The only exception would be if you already had an MOT booked and were driving your car to the test. The first is free. Just go to the GOV.

When The “Sharing” Economy Fails — My Terrible Experience Using Turo

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When The "Sharing" Economy Fails -- My Terrible Experience Using Turo | One Mile at a Time

How much does an MOT cost? Did you know? You can also get an MOT done at a local council test centre. Remember An MOT certificate confirms at the time of the test your car met the minimum road safety and environmental standards required by law.

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Read more about the new MOT categories. You can find out more about retests on the GOV. Find out more on GOV. Did you find this guide helpful? Yes No. Care to share? Thank you for your feedback.

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