The Real Truth About Getting A Job

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We just have way too many recruiters competing for way too few jobs. You got it. It is a very big joke. I have recruiters calling me from CA to ME for suppose jobs. They are grasping for straws. Yep meet and greet. Filling a quota. RH is the worst. I remember when a agency use to be in the state where they were dealing with employers. No more they are all over the place trying to keep alive with bad practices. You nailed it on the head San Jose!

Why Getting A Job Is A Complete SCAM

We need more jobs not more recruiters. I remain with my first assertion that I will wait and see before I pass judgement and because I don't have a lawyer, it will not keep me from making a complaint if I feel that a crime or shady business practice is being committed, even if it is not acted on by your sisters employee, I at least can say I did the right thing, instead of using a blog to vent my grievances.

1. Create a target employer list.

The BBB is nothing more than a self-congratulating scam that will protect members from bad press. In some cases, a large company in a locality will be "watchdog" for itself and others in its particular industry. For example, my mother lived in Sacramento, California. She had some problems with a large plumbing company, that is, sending someone out to troubleshoot a plumbing problem she had.

Job websites & recruitment companies

This company did a very poor job. She complained to BBB where it turned out that this large plumbing company handled ALL complaints against all plumbing companies in the area. Because of this, I don't trust or use the BBB, as it's just a sham and a joke. If you really want to find out about a good temporary office, at the unemployed at your local unemployment office or job club.

They'll be more than happy to tell you who is reputable, and who is a waste of time. Should read: If you really want to find out about a good temporary agency, talk to the unemployed at your local unemployment office or job club. To those that seem to have taken my post incorrectly or personally, my issue with this blog is that it is not reaching enough people and most definitely the right authorities, it just seems like a venting session for therapy purposes, which is fine, but I for one am an individual that if I have an issue, I take it directly to the authorities or the agency that oversees such matters.

It seems to me that venting your grievances on this blog doesn't accomplish much expcept, maybe, some verbal therapy for your anger and doesn't really change things. I apologize to those that were offended by this, but it is what it is.

I also noted that if you have nothing nice to say about the staff agencies that you have encountered why are you continuing to follow up with them at all. I for one have signed on with RH and if they call with a position, well that's a plus, but I most certainly did not leave thinking that I was going home and wait for their call. If you want a decent position in this tough economy you need to do the work; including sending out resumes and networking. I, too, have too much experience, Roxy, to put up with the BS and will never become so dependent on those types of agencies to get myself into a twist about them.

Another thing, you know absolutely nothing about me, however, a clue to your personality came through quite clear to me and I found your sentiments in your reply to me quite humorous, but no hard feelings and I wish you and your husband all the luck and success in the world with your trucking business , oh and by the way, I have a number of degrees also, but I didn't feel the need to flash them to make my point.

To everyone else on this site, make your voices heard where it counts and post your comments to the BBB and other authoritative agencies and if necessary your state and federal representatives, this is the best way of getting results if this is really an issue that drives you to distraction and keeps you up at night. Love your comment. Want to laugh? My daughter lives in Sacramento. She had her fireplace cleaned. Well even after the expensive acid cleaning it caught fire.

BBB did nothing. You know it is the same office. Yes I also found the State Agency for unemployment to be the best. I have had 2 temporary positions from them. In NJ they even contact you by phone and through email once your resume is put into their website by the NJ State.

Several agencies refused to help because of Robert Half's lies. No Name in Irvine, California. I have had the pleasure of working for RHT twice. The first time I was on an assignment with some other company and was asked by one of RHT Agents to leave the job as quickly as possible to take on the job opening they had making it so attractive. After two weeks into the work they made a story that I was not performing and I was actually causing trouble when I spoke up requesting that they get me the correct tools and permission to do the job they has assigned to me and I would be evaluated on; not to mention they had a employee in that spot that felt threaten by my presence.

Second Time, They placed me at a job, they told me that the original employee was being let go and I would be replacing him. After 1 month he was transferred to their Northern office and I was told that he has gotten a promotion. Three month into the deal the original employee showed up and first I was told that he was here to attend some training and take care of an assignment after without warning and lots of unpaid overtime they told me on a Friday afternoon that he is coming back to his old post and I would no longer be needed. What gets me, RHT claims that the client has told them that I was not performing my duties the way I was suppose to but when I spoke with the manager of the department at the job assignment they told me that it was because the original person had come back and they did not need two people in that position.

Do not work with RHT as they will not stick up for you and flat out leave you to to fend for yourself. I tried to see my files with RHT and to this date they had refused to show me my records. Jackson in San Jose, California. So i got a call from RHI today.

The Truth About Robert Half International - Robert Half Finance & Accounting Jobs |

I am a graduating senior in FInance. Will it benefit me to join RHI? If you're a White male, forgettaboutit! The most you'll get is "grunt work. Try to join a "job club" run by the unemployment office in your state, if they have a job club. You'll get lots of good input from the unemployed regarding what agencies to sign up with, and which to avoid.

Also, you might get a good job with your unemployment office. The one I landed was not great rotten pay , but the benefits were nice, and I got some great experience. I was contacted by a RH "recruiter" who said he found my information on line and had immediate opportunites for me. Since I am trying to network as much as possible, I figure couldn't hurt. So I email back asking "what are the positions you had in mind for me?

No answer back but a phone call and VM "Can you call me so we can discuss your "career aspirations"? So, I call back leave another VM and he gets back. I am hearing impaired so makes it more difficult for me but I also think it is rude. But that aside - of course he can not remember my background and I have to reiterate it for him. Anyhow, I give my background and my skills and I say I am looking for any sort of work on computers which is true - I will even do data entry as I am a fast typist.

Once he figures out that I was laid off my last job outsourcing and that I am a long term unemployed person - all of a sudden it is "Well, I will see what I can do to help you". Ok, first he has jobs for me because he found my "information online" and now he doesn't think he can help me "we'll see".

Sounds like he was just trying to get a contact. But he sent me these ProveIT tests to take which are supposed to be for " database " even though he said they don't "do" Oracle one of my skills.

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He was very vague about what these two tests will be. I haven't opened them yet. I asked "So, I take the tests and than we go from there right" A hesitation on his end. Yeah right! Now after reading this thread I wonder if I should even bother to take the tests. I see "jobs" on their site but who know if they are real? Bean counter in San Jose, California. If there's nothing lined up as of today, definitely work with RHI and see if you could use them if you're placed, that is purely for gaining experience and something to show on your resume.

RHI is known for lowballing their temps big time. Once you have some experience, sign up with as many agencies as you can Upload your resume Sign in. Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public. Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Manage all the communication with incoming candidates The truth is they get you in with a higher base salary.

You are better off with the small shops - where you will be treated with respect. I never got one call for any assignments. The best recruiters are the independents. I wonder how many people also realize that temp agencies are not there to help you secure permanent employment - they have three types of employment: Contract - something that has a finite start and end date.

Sam I side with you! Good luck in all your job hunts! Robert Half International, a bad company by cheating people! Now I know why you don't have a position. Sorry you feel that way: Still my best to you :. Whoops, bungled that one! Sorry about the confusion. Sam in Snoqualmie, Washington said: Whoops, bungled that one! Hello Sam; Love your comment. They seem to routinely discriminate aginast older workers. Roxy, Thank you for the compliment. Be very careful in dealing with them as they will ruin your career. Bluetea in Texas said: Muhahahhahahaha!

Once he figures out that I was laid off my last job outsourcing and that I am a long term unemployed person - all of a sudden it is "Well, I will see what I can do to help you" Ok, first he has jobs for me because he found my "information online" and now he doesn't think he can help me "we'll see". Should I even bother? For jobs in Finland, visit fi. Job title, keywords, or company. City, state, or zip code. ShawnM in Triad, North Carolina months ago. HappyPerson in Merchantville, New Jersey months ago. Freefrombadjob in Napa, California months ago. TinaToronto in Toronto, Ontario months ago.

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida months ago. Isn't Robert Half a franchise? You can find a job in almost every industry through a staffing agency. Some staffing agencies including Kelly Services and Adecco work with all kinds of companies, while others specialize in particular industries. Medical Solutions , for example, focuses on healthcare jobs. TEKsystems staffs companies with IT hires.

Many agencies offer a variety of all three of these kinds of jobs, although some specialize. For example, Frontline Source Group focuses on hiring temporary workers. When you are looking for a staffing agency to work with, make sure you know the kinds of industries the agency deals with, and whether they offer temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent jobs—or all three. You can search for firms in your area. You can also search by employment options temporary, long-term, etc.

When you interview with a staffing agency, feel free to ask questions. Ask about what benefits if any they offer, what kinds of jobs they typically fill, the industries they work with, and the average time it takes for a job seeker to land a job.

The Real Truth About Blogging as a Career

Check into whether or not the agency has any services, such as workshops to help you develop skills or counselors who will help you with your resume and cover letter. If these are available, take advantage of them. Also, keep in mind that you should never have to pay a staffing agency to help you find a job. Reputable staffing agencies are paid by companies, not by job seekers. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Part-Time Jobs. Job Searching Job Listings.

By Alison Doyle. There are many benefits to using a staffing agency to find a job. Some benefits include:. They Do the Job Searching for You: When you sign up to work with a staffing agency, they ask you about your skills and experience and let you know if they have a job that might be a good fit for you. You can also search for jobs on their internal job site. It is a great way to get help finding job openings.

There Is Variety: You can find staffing agencies that specialize in almost any industry. We see so many students from online programs who take their time in self-paced programs, redoing the same problems over and over rather than adding to their stack. This will give you a platform to lead into tech, but for how much money you will spend and the amount of time it takes to get where you want to be may not be what you were expecting.

In the location you will be working from are often most recommended as there are many networking benefits by taking this route. A good programmer bootcamp like PDX Code Guild will have a strong, up-to-date curriculum taught in small groups by instructors with recent industry experience. The curriculum will focus on the individual student solving coding labs mixed with team and pair projects.

Knowledgeable instructors should be able to keep each student challenged so that each student gets as much out of the bootcamp as possible and never has to wait for the rest of the class to catch up to them. It should stay at an intense learning curve most of the time. If you take a programmer bootcamp, you can have skills for a high-paying job in months.

Each year they work as a programmer, their earning power goes up. With such a high demand for quality programmers, almost every graduate who wants a job will find one. Your interviewing skills and ability to articulate your knowledge can greatly affect the range in offers you receive, and many times it takes months to find the right job. The jobs are really a mixed bag. You will be well situated for a job in web development. Lots of people end up in engineer positions where they help clients install integrate software into their products.

If you were to go to university instead of a bootcamp, you may lose out on a significant amount of money. University CS degree programs were designed to train researchers and not programmers. They tend to focus on theory and most CS degree graduates only take one semester of actual programming.