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Many, many thanks to all the wonderful readers who help to ID these books! We also appreciate those who take the time to thank the contributors for researching their books. Possibly Italian? Two children a boy and an older girl live in a wealthy estate with a large checkered lawn. They both like to play on the lawn with a red ball I can't remember how they get the ball. They're both warned never to go through the hedge. A grey dwarf like man is involved somehow.

The red ball eventually gets thrown accidentally through a hole in the hedge, and the boy climbs after and is abducted by the grey man, who turns him to stone and puts him in his tower which is full of 99 other stone children. The girl goes on a quest, visiting the sky queen and the ground king, who both ask her to do some kind of task before giving her something in return. She spends the night in the woods, having gathered firewood during the day, within a protective circle with a fire. The grey man tries to tempt her out. I can't remember if she resists or not.

Somehow she defeats the grey man and all the children are turned back to normal. This wonderful story was first published in the St. Nicholas magazine in We have both versions in stock and I would be happy to send you a jpg if you think this is the one. I can't remember what the book was called or who it was by but it was a children's book about to young girls under the age of five that end up walking to the park from their house without their mother knowing.

I had it read to me in the early 90s. Though I have a feeling it might not have had text possibly just pictures. The story is based around a young boy who comes into possession of a number of animals like tiger, camel, yak etc. Rather than keep them he embarks on a journey to return each of the animals to its country of origin. During the story he also describes some of the culture of the country. If you have any idea on the title of the book i would be most appreciative. One of my friends is looking for a book from his childhood. It's about a boy who uses shoe boxes to build homes for animals in the forest to protect them from a storm.

That's all he remembers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My mum was telling me about a book she wanted as a girl. She had read a book called Mouse, and badly wanted Older Mouse and never got it. She's 80 now, and I'd love to find it for her. I'm afraid I don't have any other details, but here's hoping!

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This teenage girl decides to babysit this bad kid that everyone warns her about-the kid likes to bite I beleive it was a story that was combined with several other short stories I remember a book from the late 80's 's about a girl who is not supposed to go into the forest but goes further and further to get the pretty flowers. She keeps saying she will only get a few more but the further she goes the prettier they get.

Finally she has to run home because the monster in the woods chased her home, like her mother warned her about. I always loved and once memorized this book.

The copy I have lacks cover and first few pages. It must have come from a 'dime store', or grocery rack, and started out: "Poppy was a fairy, a four inch fairy who lost her way in the world of people. She did not know how she got there, but she awakened one morning in the toe of a slipper". It was read to me, then I read and reread this, read it to each child I baby sat with and to the campers where I was counselor, and my children. I found an abreviated copy in the 's which was a poor substitute for it.

Journey of the Pale Bear

Mine came from the early 's. This would be a dream come true to find it again. There are some on abe from , the edition we have had, but the first edition seems to be scarce. The early ones are expensive, but you could probably get one for less eventually on ebay. Leave a want. Perhaps you could purchase a very beat up one with the front intact and combine the two books. I am looking for a children's bookI think it is called "The Big Fish". It is about a boy and his father and something about canoeing.

An illustration I remember in the book is the father and the boy carrying the canoe over their heads. It has a picture on every or almost every page and everything is in black and white. I cannot find it anywhere on any search engine. The book was a compilation of stories. I remember I loved the illustrations in this book, particularly this story. If ou have any suggestions, that would be fantastic. Not sure when the book was published, but was before the 90s. Very short book. Follow the amazing migrations of these 20 creatures: Arctic tern, barn swallow, bar-headed goose, ruby-throated hummingbird, osprey, wandering albatross, whooping crane, emperor penguin, African elephant, blue wildebeest, caribou, straw-coloured fruit bat, humpback whale, green turtle, Southern pilchard, salmon, great white shark, monarch butterfly, globe skimmer dragonfly, Christmas Island red crab.

Reds love being red. Yellows love being yellow.

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And Blues love being blue. The problem is that they just don't like each other. Maybe being different doesn't mean you can't be friends A very special picture book that supports the adage that there is more that unites us than divides us. Every bookshelf should have a copy. Click download to read the full guide for Along Came A Different. When she was little, Joni used to have dreams that she could fly.

But these days her feet are firmly on the ground — they have to be when money's tight and her dad can't work and the whole family has to pull together to keep afloat. Then she meets Annabel. Annabel is everything Joni isn't, and yet there's a spark between them. Though Joni barely believes it at first, she thinks they might be falling in love. But when Annabel's parents find out about the relationship, it's clear they believe there are some differences that are impossible to overcome. Click download to read the full guide for Sklyarks.

After the sudden death of his wife, Audrey, Jonah sits on a bench in Kew Gardens, trying to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life. Chloe, shaven-headed and abrasive, finds solace in the origami she meticulously folds. But when she meets Jonah, her carefully constructed defences threaten to fall. Milly, a child quick to laugh, freely roams Kew, finding beauty everywhere she goes.

But where is her mother and where does she go when the gardens are closed? Harry's purpose is to save plants from extinction. Quiet and enigmatic, he longs for something — or someone — who will root him more firmly to the earth. Audrey links these strangers together. As the mystery of her death unravels, the characters journey through the seasons to learn that stories, like paper, can be refolded and reformed. Haunted by songs and origami birds, this novel is a love letter to a garden and a hymn to lost things.

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The activities in this pack include exploration of the text, characters and time period, making cross-curricular links spanning the K S2 Curriculum to help bring the stories to life. The lessons in this pack serve as an introduction to the themes in the books, matched to National Curriculum objectives and providing material for five PSHE lessons — adaptable for pupils from KS1 to KS3. The final outcome is for your pupils to unleash their own voices, creating unique messages of inspiration for the world.

Click 'download' to access the full reading guide for Fantastically Great Women. And yes, we know there are many! Jess would never have looked twice at Nicu if her friends hadn't left her in the lurch. Nicu is all big eyes and ill-fitting clothes, eager as a puppy, even when they're picking up litter in the park for community service. He's so not her type. Appearances matter to Jess. She's got a lot to hide. Nicu thinks Jess is beautiful. His dad brought Nicu and his mum here for a better life, but now all they talk about is going back home to find Nicu a wife. The last thing Nicu wants is to get married.

He wants to get educated, do better, stay here in England. But his dad's fists are the most powerful force in Nicu's life, and in the end, he'll have to do what his dad wants.

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As Nicu and Jess get closer, their secrets come to the surface like bruises. The only safe place they have is with each other. But they can't be together, forever, and stay safe — can they? Click to download the Teachers' Notes. Or so she thinks.

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Inspired by the beautiful, The Picture Atlas , this exclusive resource pack is the perfect companion for adventurous teachers everywhere. Written by Simon Holland and illustrated by Jill Calder, The Picture Atlas is bursting with gorgeous artwork, informative maps and astounding facts that will take you and your class on a trip around the globe! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to begin The Globetrotter Challenge - a mini scheme of work with Geography objectives.

It provides material for fve or more KS2 lessons, perfect for pupils of any ability in Years This resource pack is based on Moonrise, a beautiful new free verse novel from Sarah Crossan, the multiaward-winning author of One. It is a story of life, love, death and forgiveness; an account of the love between two brothers in impossible circumstances — and it is certain to weave a path to the hearts and imaginations of all the young people in your classroom.

The lessons in this pack are matched to National Curriculum English objectives and thought-provoking PSHE subjects, providing material for five or more KS3 lessons — perfect as a poetry or prose mini scheme of work. The final outcome is for each student in your class to let their creative talents loose and produce some poetry of their own — evoking their own stories and experiences, full of character, setting and emotion. It is July Living on the edge of survival in the cellar of an abandoned hospital, Otto and his ragtag gang of friends have banded together in the desperate, bombed-out city.

The war may be over, but danger lurks in the shadows of the wreckage as Otto and his friends find themselves caught between invading armies, ruthless rival gangs and a strange Nazi war criminal who stalks them A suspenseful story of truth, friendship and survival against the odds, Wolf Children will thrill readers of Michael Morpurgo and John Boyne. Dear teachers and librarians, Prepare yourselves for an adventure full of discovery and wonder. Travel back in time and uncover one of the most astonishing stories from history. Based on the incredible, The Story of Tutankhamun, written by Patricia Cleveland-Peck and illustrated by Isabel Greenberg, this Resource Pack contains cross-curricular objectives, providing material for six or more KS2 lessons.

Unearth the true story of the young Egyptian king, his troubles, and his legacy which lay hidden for centuries. What are you waiting for? Get your binoculars, backpacks and notebooks at the ready. The excavation starts here …. It is a modern classic of an adventure that will not only transport you away from the classroom to the Amazon, but also spark the imaginations of all of the young explorers in your class. The lessons in this pack serve as a mini scheme of work with literacy objectives, providing material for five or more KS2 lessons — perfect for classes of any ability in years five to six.

It is also a powerful portrayal of a community under pressure and one girl's determination for justice. But the Britons are savages who tattoo themselves and take the heads of their enemies in battle. They won't bow down to the rule of Rome. As Marcus travels to meet his father he meets a barbarian chief instead and his destiny is changed forever, along with that of Britannia She is young, and still in the grip of an eating disorder that controls every aspect of how she goes about her daily life. But as the days tick by, Hedda comes to a decision: she and Nia will call a truce, just until the baby is born.

She can do it, if she takes it one day at a time …. Athens, BC. Nico's new friend Thrax has a strange knack of figuring things out. And when a valuable wedding vase is broken Thrax's special skills might just come in useful. Can the boys prove that slave girl Gaia is innocent, and discover what the mark of the cyclops means? Join Nico and Thrax for a mysterious adventure set in ancient Greece. The world's leading toy manufacturer makes playthings for the rich and famous, and every toy they create contains a tiny computerised brain and a unique personality.

These toys are seriously awesome! Acidly funny and heartbreakingly sad, Life in a Fishbowl is an exploration of the value of life and what memories mean to us. A poignant, darkly comic and deeply moving story about the power of the extraordinary, and finding friendship where you least expect it. Malkin Moonlight is a very special cat. Told as a small black kitten that he was destined for great things, Malkin must set out on an adventure to find the place where he belongs. Will he ever find a family and a home of his own? Grace and Tippi are twins — conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change.

No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world — a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends? And what about love? He knows the rules: no going out after dark; no drinking; no litter; no fighting. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the people who run Little Town. When he meets Pavel Duda, a refugee from Old Country, the rules start to get broken. Then the bombs come, and the soldiers from Old Country, and Little Town changes for ever. Eliza is thrilled to become a Maid of Honour at the Royal court. This is what her family have always wanted for her and more than anything she wants to make them proud. What should she make of the glamorous Katherine Howard — are they rivals or are they friends? Will Eliza fit in? Can she find happiness? Click 'download' to read the full guide for Eliza Rose.

Ignoring warnings from family and friends they give up all they have to be together. Their new life offers immense happiness, especially after their daughter Mira is born. But when Mira becomes terrifyingly ill, it becomes impossible for Julia to conceal the explosive secret that she has been keeping at the heart of their lives.

Boy 23 isn't in My Place any more. He can't see The Screen, he can't hear The Voice. Boy 23 is alone. One dark night, Boy 23 is thrown in the back of the van and driven out of My Place — the only home he has ever known. He is abandoned in a forest with a rucksack containing the bare essentials for survival. Before the van drives away, a voice tells him he must run as far as he can. His life depends on it.

Boy 23 has never known another human. Boy 23 has never even been outside. So who is he?

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  • Why do people want to kill him? And more to the point, who is the voice that wants to save him? Click 'download' to read the full teaching guide for Boy A small boy hiding in a cupboard witnesses something no child should ever see. Based on the real story of a polar bear that lived in the Tower of London, this story is also a touching account of the bond between a boy and a bear. Reading Group Guide. Click to retrieve. Every once in a while, while reading just for fun, I stumble across something irresistible—something I know I want to write about, even if I have no idea where to begin.

    Turns out, in the old days, kings used to give one another animals. In England, these royal gifts were kept in a special place in the Tower of London—the menagerie. There was an elephant from the King of France. There were five camels from the King of Spain.