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I recommend this series as a great resource for those seeking to enhance their prayer life—just start with your favorite author. His commitment to helping the poor and acceptance of those who have been excluded by the church have led newcomers to Catholicism and brought back those who have left. The Francis Effect is a read for fans and critics of Pope Francis alike.

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And yet, as Stacy A. Trasancos recounts in her vivid and engaging memoir, Particles of Faith, there seems no end to debates. A scientist and devout Catholic herself, she offers stories and suggestions for the faithful who are still working out their own relationship with modern scientific discoveries. With her pleasing prose, Trasancos invites the reader to experience the awe of a child whose early encounters with the world delight and inspire.

Ave Maria says, scientist, writer, and scholar Stacy Trasancos gives us ways to talk about how science and Catholic faith work together to reveal the truth of Christ through the beauty of his creation. January All too often, Christians picture an old man with a beard calling the universe into being with his words. He gives us a new metaphor: A little girl, singing creation into being with imagination, smiles, and a little bit of glue. The illustrations show children of all different ages and ethnicities, allowing the reader to see God in her own image and keeping us from getting too invested in any one depiction of God.

The book is a profound reminder that how we describe God is important and different ways of expressing God reveal deep truths about creation. Available at bookstores or from Acta Publishing at or www. But Francis—with humility, humor, and grace—answers them all.

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And I ask you to try too. Loyola Press says, in this unprecedented book, questions from children from across the world are presented to Pope Francis — and the Pope himself answers each letter. Available at bookstores or from Loyola Press at 1- or www. Review: Today, more than 75 million people in the United States identify as Catholic.

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But with an increasingly diverse church population—culturally, geographically, and even linguistically—what does being a Catholic today really mean? Using data collected over the past 25 years, William V. Gautier try to shed light on just that. Especially timely during this election year, American Catholics in Transition is an enjoyable and informative read for anyone curious about how Catholics in the United States have viewed their faith over the last quarter-century.

Available at bookstores or from Roman and Littlefield at 1- or www. Francis of Assisi as a preeminent saintly model for the new evangelization. As Pope Francis continues to call for the rebuilding of the Church, this book will contribute significantly to contemporary discussions of the New Evangelization.

Charles M. Francis of Assisi about evangelization and renewal. His book forever changed the face of Catholic theology, and yet the poor around the world are still suffering. Therefore, it is not enough to hold on to the theological idea of a preferential option for the poor; we need to put the idea in practice while acknowledging the multifaceted nature of poverty.

The essays in this volume show how poverty affects every aspect of human existence. Contributors write on law, economics, film, science, and education—to name a few of the many topics addressed—examining how their own lives and vocations have been shaped and guided by the option for the poor, no matter what their industry or academic discipline. This book addresses the option for the poor and the ways it can shape our social, economic, political, educational, and environmental approaches to poverty.

Available at bookstores or from University of Notre Dame Press at 1- undpress. Order now from University of Notre Dame Press. But delving into scripture and personal prayer can be daunting. In this revised commentary and guide to the psalms, Benedictine Father Gregory J. Polan offers a brief but thorough introduction that makes the very prayers Jesus would have uttered relevant and accessible.

Order now from Paulist Press. Does Christianity provide happiness in a way other self-improvement paths cannot? In The Gospel of Happiness, Dr. Christopher Kaczor highlights seven ways in which positive psychology and Christian practices together can lead to personal and spiritual transformation. Focusing on studies that point to the wisdom of many Christian teachings, Kaczor provides not only practical suggestions on how to become happier in everyday life but also insights on how to deepen Christian practice and increase our love of God and neighbor in new and bold ways.

Order now from Image Books. Her short reflections and simple meditations are the remedy for a ravaged soul. After given just one year to live, Zach decided the best way to say goodbye to his friends and family was by writing and performing music. But in Five Years in Heaven , John Schlimm reminds us that at its best, friendship is a relationship that can reveal the presence of God.

In her honest, funny, and incredibly down-to-earth book, Weber—a young, single New Yorker—recounts her attempt to complete all seven Corporal Works of Mercy in 40 days while acknowledging that life would be easier if she could instead achieve spiritual enlightenment by abstaining from ice cream. Review: What really happened to Galileo? Why did Pluto get bumped from being a planet? Jesuits Guy Consolmagno and Paul Mueller serve up an engaging and funny treatment of the science questions that people fire at these two Vatican astronomers.

You will learn a lot of science along the way, but even more important, the book does a great job of shooting down the tired but unfortunately still popular view that science and religion are somehow opposed or contradictory.

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Au contraire. How would you react? Available at your favorite bookstore or online retailer or by visiting www. General Book Club guides. With his vivid illustrations, McGrath injects new life into papal quotes on topics ranging from poverty and peace to family and faith. Dear Young People… is an excellent resource for introducing children to the Catholic faith through the eyes of Francis. Available online at wlpmusic. Order now from World Library Publications. By William Clark, O.

Review: In this brief, clear, and creative work, Oblate Father William Clark reflects on the hiddenness of God, the possibility of making a case for God, and what encountering God involves. These reflections stem from two sources: faith and reason. Through examples from scripture and philosophy, Clark tries to understand God and what that means to an individual. In the end, the examples of encountering God in Making a Case for God: Faithful Encounters show that our understanding of God is not about whether God exists, but how God exists in our lives.

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Father William Clark, O. Order now from Liguori Publications. Those spare moments exist, but they often pass us by as we flit from Twitter to Facebook, email to Instagram. Rather than filling our days with these distractions, Knisely encourages us to find God in those often overlooked spare moments. Framing this faith journey with photography, Knisely challenges us to shift our eyes from our screens and look through his lens. Thomas Nelson says: Framing Faith is a book for people seeking to focus their lives, to find a deeper knowledge of God, and a more authentic Christian faith. Available from Thomas Nelson at ex.

In recent years his honest, courageous, and insightful writing has shed much light on the root causes and the cultural and systemic failures that led to the clergy sexual abuse crisis. A thriller of a novel, not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Ignatius of Loyola.


Their journey together in this historical fiction centers on transformation: St. Their grace-filled and reflective conversations—over many cups of coffee—will slowly shape your heart and soul as well. Order now from Loyola Press. The beguines, active across Europe, were laywomen who formed their own communities, served the poor and sick, ran successful businesses, preached, wrote spiritual tracts, and achieved an unusual degree of independence. Some of their medieval visions, practices, and reported miraculous occurrences may sound strange to modern ears, but Laura Swan tells the stories of these strong women leaders—their great resilience and success, as well as the envy, criticism, and persecution they suffered—with great sympathy.

The beguines invite us to seek out their wisdom and to discover them anew.

Order now from BlueBridge. Early on, the author dispatches our weak, pious notions of Francis. In their place he describes a man whose revolutionary approaches to friendship, poverty, spirituality, death, nature, and people on the margins drew many to his side, even though few could hack what it really meant to follow him. Sweeney deftly shows how Francis, ahead of his time, is also a man for our time, less interested in doctrines and debates than in how humans ought to treat the world and one another.

Order now from Ave Maria Press. The U. Catholic Book Club is a collaborative project of U. Catholic magazine and the Catholic Book Publishers Association. The titles featured in the U. The publisher provides a paid advertising in U. Catholic magazine for the featured book. View the discussion thread.

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Welcome to the U. Catholic Book Club Print Share. What does it mean to be a person? Eerdman's says in Being Human , Rowan Williams addresses frequently asked questions with lucid meditations that draw from findings in neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and literature. Available at bookstores or from Eerdmans Publishing at 1- or eerdmans.

After retiring from a successful career as a lawyer and judge, Barbara Lee felt invisible. In five engaging chapters, Lee details how Ignatian advice on prayer, decision-making, and discernment can redirect aging souls onto a path with renewed purpose. A listing of relevant scripture readings and prayers, along with a helpful index of Ignatian resources, also helps further opportunities for spiritual growth. Wherever you are on your journey, this brief book is a big help—and will surely light the way.

In , Rwanda exploded into civil war between the Hutu and the Tutsi. The war resulted in the genocide of nearly one million Tutsi people. In his moving book, Forgiveness Makes You Free, Father Ubald Rugirangoga shares how he survived the genocide, which he credits to the grace and mercy of God. In each chapter, Rugirangoga tells a harrowing tale. At the end of each story, he includes reflection questions to guide readers who have also experienced adversity and trauma toward their own healing.

Ave Maria Press says on the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, survivor Father Ubald Rugirangoga shares his story and offers five spiritual principles that can help those traumatized by the past to experience healing and peace in Christ. In five American women religious, all in their 50s and 60s and living in Liberia, were killed.

They were shot outside of their convent by rebel guerrilla forces during a civil war that lasted 14 years and killed more than , people. Her book paints a picture of them not just as glorified martyrs to the faith, but as real-life women who cared deeply about their vocations and the people with whom they worked. These women were heroes not because they were willing to die, but because they were drawn by their faith to minister to those who needed it most, despite the danger and personal sacrifice required.

This well-researched and powerful book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about these little-known women. ACTA says the inspirational story of five American women religious who displayed courage, competence, and commitment to their missionary calling to Liberia, Africa, and paid the ultimate price for their compassion. The contributors—including the first black student to graduate Notre Dame, the first African American ambassador to Jamaica, technical illustrators, teachers, stand-up comedians, doctors, and judges—reflect on why they chose Notre Dame, what they learned there, and their struggles to become fully accepted members of the student body.

In guided chapters headed by Catholic greats such as Henri Nouwen, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and Julian of Norwich, Muto leads readers through a mini-retreat that aids in the development of gratitude. Who among us could not benefit from these changes? In Gratefulness she reveals that grateful living is not another new fad but has been the way of saints and Christian mystics for centuries. In her book Making Room for God: Decluttering and the Spiritual Life , popular Catholic speaker and self-proclaimed packrat Mary Elizabeth Sperry draws from church teaching, saints, and even Pope Francis to explore what our stuff says about our spiritual lives.

What if decluttering was more about making room for God and for others rather than simply tossing our possessions? It might make things easier. This convincing, practical, and well-researched guide to decluttering is a refreshing read, especially as Catholics make room for God this holiday season. Ave Maria Press says, writing from an unabashedly Catholic perspective, Making Room for God offers an enticing and entertaining approach to decluttering, discipleship, and the spiritual life that makes tidying up seem almost fun. American women today have little in common with women of first-century Palestine. Or do they? These events take place in Berkeley on dates close to the seasonal equinoxes, solstices and their midpoints in Reise's backyard or a nearby location depending on number of reservations and capacity.

Please wear a warm layer as we plan to be outside, bring a mug and camping chair if you have one. Your donations help to make these events happen. Please give what you consider to be a fair exchange and what you can. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. A " " JavaScript error has occurred on the page and has been logged in Bugsnag. The page may still be functioning, but this is still an error that could impact all users. To help debug, Bugsnag provides a stack trace, UI breadcrumbs, device information and more!

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Come meet and re-member vitalizing, enduring, wounded and trickster energies in the figures of Baba Yaga, Guadelupe, Inanna, Psyche, Rhiannon, Spider-Woman and others… These storytelling circles are for story-lovers and those who feel called by or want to enter into dialogue with feminist soul, regardless of gender or affiliation. NOTE: These events take place in Berkeley on dates close to the seasonal equinoxes, solstices and their midpoints in Reise's backyard or a nearby location depending on number of reservations and capacity.

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