Swiss Cheese Recipes

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Creamy Baked Swiss Chicken

Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you a link to reset your password. If an account was found for this email address, we've emailed you instructions to reset your password. We have sent you an activation link to: please click this link to activate your account. Alpine recipes. Serves Hands-on time 15 min. Vegetarian recipes. Nutrition: per serving Calories kcals Fat Remove recipe Save recipe. Remove recipe Save recipe Print. Share this recipe. Ingredients Method. My question is about the buttery baked chicken, you say to cook for 90 minuets.

Very much looking forward to making this tonight on a cozy October night! Taste-wise, do you think I could add a slice of ham between the chicken and the Swiss to give it a cordon bleu kind of feel, or would that be too much for the pallet? Thanks in advance! I added a ham layer the 2nd time I made it and it was delicious! Can you combine the swiss and mozz. Have you tried this with just mozz.? My daughter hates swiss cheese:.

Mozzarella will be great too! Sooo good and super easy! Also, how long would I cook it for? Just made this with the ingredients I had on hand: used pepper jack slices on bottom, smeared on sour cream and mayo the epitome of laziness… , sprinkled on garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne, then topped with shredded mozzarella and finally some fresh shredded asiago. Absolutely delightful. The toppings did slide off somewhat because I only did 3 breasts in the pan but it browned nicely. Thanks for the amazing recipe even if I did butcher it with my shortcuts!

Ooooh — your version sounds amazing!! So glad you guys liked it! Made this last night for the family and it was a hit!! Thank you for sharing! Did anyone else have a problem with the cream sauce curdling? I looked online and apparently sour cream is not supposed to be in boiling dishes. Any tips to prevent this for next time? The flavor is still great and my husband loves it. But I hate how ugly the curdle is!

Mine too. We have made this several times and all love it. Anyone able to help? It was absolutely delicious and simple to make. Thank you! This recipe is definitely a favorite and is so simple to make. I hope it can become a family favorite. Thanks for stopping by! In the oven now. I used mozzarella cheese and added a lil spice to the mayo mix. But I bet it makes the chicken so moist. Unfortunately I overcooked the chicken a little which made it tough, but it still tasted great!

It was pretty easy too, which is always a plus, and would be a great meal to serve company. Made this last night, everyone loved the flavors. The only thing that I will change next time is to decrease the temp to and the cook time to 30 minutes or until done. The chicken was a little dry, but the flavor was amazing.

Definitely a recipe to keep. This was so good! Will definitely make again since it was so yummy and very easy! Wanted to tell you we have made this twice in two weeks — it is our new favorite! And so filling — just half a breast over rice fills me up!

How to Make Swiss Chicken

The only thing I do different is I butterfly the chicken and tuck the swiss cheese inside. And I use veganaise instead of mayo since mayo makes us sick — but the taste is identical. But I was wanting to replace greek yogurt for either the mayonnaise or the sour cream to make it healthier. If I replaced the mayonnaise with greek yogurt, would that take away from the flavor? Or should I replace the sour cream instead? I think I would replace the sour cream and then maybe use a light mayo.

Let me know how it turns out and I can add these substitutes to the recipe for others who want a healthier version. Thank you for the quick reply!

Shredded Swiss Cheese Recipes

I will try your suggestion and will let you know how it turns out. I made this last night for my boyfriend.

Followed the directions exactly except I substituted mozzarella cheese. When finished the sauce was not creamy, it was oily and thin like it broke down while baking. Is this how it is supposed to come out? I expected creamy like a bechamel in texture. It tasted great, just wasnt what I expected…. Mine came out like that as well.

I used Swiss and it literally disintegrated in a pool. Not sure what went wrong. It tasted great. Appearance was off-putting. This is my favorite chicken dish! I make it just like the recipe above but add bread crumbs to the top. Thanks for sharing this! We make it at least once a month too and had it for Easter along with our ham. This is the most meltinyourmouth baked chicken recipe I have ever tried. I commonly adapt other recipes using this coating method now.

No egg dredge anymore. More work and lesser outcome. Boyfriend was floored by this dish. Please send this recipe to my e-mail. It looks wonderful! This came out Great. My hubby likes everything well done pretty close to burned yet it still was moist. He loved it and said I could make it again. Years and years and years!

I made this tonight, Followed reciepe exact, And this was delicious! Everyone in my family, including the kiddos, loved it! Thanks for the reciepe, I definitely will be making this a lot! Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know it was a hit. I hope you can find other recipes here on the site that you like. Made this a few weeks ago for our family and another, huge hit, even with the kiddos!! Making it again tonight, but turning it into a casserole using cooked, shredded chicken and egg noddles, just mixing all ingredients together, very excited to see how it turns out!!

I would try putting the mixture on first and then the slice of cheese to maybe keep it from falling off the kitchen. Looks delicious! With the parm cheese, should I use the kind in the green canister or should I be using fresh? This recipe really is so easy and tasty. I added a layer of deli ham to make it Cordon Bleu style the 2nd time I made it and my family loved it! I also like to sprinkle some ritz cracker crumbs on the top for good measure.

Swiss Cheese Recipe (Baby Swiss)

I know my kids will clean their plates when I make this meal. This was amazing! My hubby told me I could make this again, lol! We were fighting over the last piece, lol! I never tasted the mayo. I will be making this a lot! Total crowd pleaser!!! Most delicious chicken recipe ever. Easiest too. Probably one of my favorite recipes. Cheap and easy and tastes amazing. Make it bi weekly in our house. Wow, this was amazing! I was quite skeptical since I am not a huge swiss fan, or mayo for that matter.

But I had some swiss to use so I gave it a try. It is a keeper! I love how easy it is! We will definitely be making it a lot more. The tenderloins were still frozen when I started the bake but they were done in about 40 minutes at F. Sorry, followed the directions exactly as written and the chicken turned out terrible. One hour in the oven is far too long! My husband who will eat almost anything refused to eat it.

Like any recipe you need to gauge cook time based on your own individual oven. I added a bunch of fresh baby spinach on top of the chicken before putting on the swiss cheese and it turned out great! I only baked for 45 minutes — the chicken was nice and juicy and the topping perfectly browned. This may be my new addiction :o I could have licked the plate!

Thanks for the recipe! I dint know what I did wrong.. But it was all watery. The chicken was floating in a watery bath with Parmesan cheese sitting in top.

Swiss Cheese Chicken Casserole Recipe

Maybe covering it messed it up. The chicken comes out so moist. Cooked this tonight and it was delicious but was wondering how good it is the next day warmed up? Trying this recipe for supper tonight! So happy to see a recipe that not only looks delicious, but does not require a can of creamed soup..

This looks so good that I can almost smell it. I am going to try it. That made it so easy to print the recipe. I did tweek a few things. I also sprinkled shredded Parmesan on top of the chicken after I spread on the cream sauce. I served it over garlic butter spaghetti noodles with mushrooms. It will definitely be a staple in our house from now on!! Made this the other night using mozzarella cheese instead of swiss cheese. It was delicious! My entire family loved it.

In the comments some people posted that the cheese mixture melted off the chicken, maybe they did not pat the chicken dry before putting the cheese on. I also do not like mayo, but I honestly did not taste it. Thanks for the great recipies. I too love zucchini, a lot of chicken, and am trying to eat more healthy.

My family and I love this! I add chicken broth to the pan to help keep the chicken moist and give it extra flavor. We love it tho. That sounds like a good idea.

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About to make this recipe tonight and will try adding the broth and waiting on topping with the cheese mixture as well. Making this for dinner tonight. Yes, that should work, since it all goes in the oven to warm and melt the cheese and sauce. Let me know!! I made this today and it was totally excellent!!!! There was only 2 of us so I used 2 chicken breasts and made half the sauce.

Gosh, I thought an hour seemed like a long time but it was perfect. So moist and tender! Thank you so much for this wonderful outstanding chicken bake!

Can I substitute salad dressing instead? This looks great and I have all the ingredients on hand!

Swiss Vegetable Casserole

This should go well with the leftover mashed potatoes I am trying to use. This dish will definitely be going into our dinner rotation. Some thunderstorms ruined my plans of grilling tonight, so I threw this together after finding it on pinterest. Had a 6-breast pack from the store. That filled up the entire pan.

Used a bag of shredded swiss that I had on hand and mixed it together with the other ingredients…. Do you have nutritional info on this recipe? Like carbs, etc? We are low carving but this looks so yummy!! I try not to know! This Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake looks wonderful, but nobody in my family likes mayonnaise. Is there something else I could use? More sour cream? Cream cheese? A little evaporated milk? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!! I wish I knew the best answer!

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  • You could add more sour cream or use yogurt. Those would be my best guesses. My husband and I tried this recipe yesterday. We loved it. I will be making it again. Thanks for sharing!! Do you suggest Real Mayo or Miracle Whip? So good! Hard to forget a recipe like this.. Made tonite. Was a little disappointed. Flavor was delicious, however, was overcooked. Pulled out after 30 minutes as I noticed the chicken was cooked but I still had minimal browning.

    Would recommend only cooking for 20 minutes based on a medium sized boneless, skinless breast. Maybe even broil at end. Just needs a little tweaking. Would rate 2 starsenal forinnacurate cooking time. Thank you for letting me know! Sorry, it was overcooked. Fast, easy to throw together and yummy! Very cheesy and gooey good. The only negative thing I have to say is the time in the oven was wrong for me. I cooked mine at degrees for 35 minutes, which was plenty oven-time for me. Maybe it was because I was only cooking 2 boneless chicken breasts, or maybe it was because your chicken was a bone-in or larger than mine.

    My suggestion would be to add the time choices for medium boneless chicken breasts versus large or bone-in chicken breasts. My boneless chicken was white and firm, not pink or watery, so I knew it was cooked thoroughly. Delicious — we are putting it on our menu rotation. Thank you sooooo much!!!!