Smoked Pearl: Poems of Hong Kong and Beyond

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Speakers Speakers may not be confirmed. Hong Kong Swings The Hong Kong Swings community began in with a handful of inspired dancers and has since snowballed into a flourishing community, a passionate team of teachers, a small but dedicated team of volunteer DJs, event organisers and performers.

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Hong Kong Swings is also part of a worldwide movement which is gathering momentum and growing all the time. From their humble beginnings in a little bar on Peel Street, Central, Peel Street Poetry is now approaching its year anniversary, and is still going strong with weekly open mics every Wednesday. Find out more at www. As Chief Secretary, she headed the ,strong civil service and was the first woman and the first ethnically Chinese person to hold the second-highest governmental position in Hong Kong.

Archana Kotecha Kotecha is a counter-trafficking expert and activist with extensive experience in the areas of advocacy, policy work and casework relating to trafficking in persons. Carol Reiley An advocate for robotics, Reiley is working on her Ph.

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She has spent the last 15 years researching various applications of robotics in domains ranging from underwater, land, space, and surgical. She also founded TinkerBelle Labs, which focuses on designing affordable healthcare, do-it-yourself robotics, and interactive projects.

Reiley was the first female engineer to be featured on the cover of MAKE magazine, a children's book author gobrain. Henrik Hoeg He has been involved with the local poetry scene for about 3 years. He is also a frequent participant in the Poetry OutLoud group.

By day he works as a literacy specialist, teaching dyslexic children reading and writing. Jo Farrell Jo Farrell is an award-winning black-and-white photographer and cultural anthropologist. Currently based in Hong Kong, Jo was most recently recognised for her project documenting some of the last remaining women in China with bound feet.

She is the owner of Go Gourmet Catering, the award-winning private kitchen Magnolia, and co-owner of the Mexican restaurants, Little Burro. Matt Friedman Friedman is an international human trafficking expert with experience as a manager, program designer, evaluator, and front-line responder. He is currently CEO of The Mekong Club, an organisation made up of Hong Kong-based private sector business leaders who have joined forces to help fight human trafficking in Asia. She is currently the editor of hkeld.

Her mission is to prove that Hong Kong is not a cultural desert and that art should be accessible for everyone.

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Rama Kulkarni She is currently a student of Comparative Literature and Sociology at The University of Hong Kong, and particularly passionate about feminism, plastic pollution, and animal rights. A strong believer in small-scale local activism, she has been an organizer in Hong Kong for the global movement to end violence against women, One Billion Rising, for the past three years. She spent the better part of it working for victims of domestic and child abuse in Marikina City, Philippines.

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  • She is now trying her hand at navigating the poetry scene before heading to Pomona College in the fall. Valerie Inertie Inertie is a circus artist and Cyr Wheel dance pioneer, who has worked as a coordinator for Cirque du Monde and as a gymnastics coach and fitness trainer in sports clubs. Cirque du Soleil is one of the many major companies she has worked with, and her performances have become widely recognized in over 30 countries.

    PROVERSe Poetry 1

    In , she was invited to present her Cyr Wheel act at the 35th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, for which she received many accolades and high acclaim. Vishal Nanda Nanda has won a pacific coffee gift card for his slam poetry, on the subjects of oceans and fatherhood, which he keeps unspent next to several other trinkets he has accumulated over the years.

    The poems themselves have been misplaced, as they were written on a scrap of paper at a bar. He has also had a short story performed by the local chapter of Liar's League in Hong Kong- a story which has been performed well by a local actor and has caused many beautiful women to cry. From their humble beginnings in a little bar on Peel Street in Hong Kong, Peel Street Poetry is now approaching its year anniversary, and is still going strong with weekly open mics every Wednesday. The volume concludes with a selected bibliography which is short but adequate, given that the essays themselves are thoroughly annotated with bibliographic detail; a complete Armory Show checklist; a list of works in the show by gallery; and a comprehensive index.

    The Armory Show was arguably the most important exhibition in the history of American art, and it is appropriate that its centennial anniversary has been commemorated with its own monumental exhibition and catalogue. This is an expensive book, but it is likely to be the most comprehensive retrospective we will have--or need--for some time to come, and it will be indispensable to any collection on American art, so I don't hesitate to recommend purchasing it even if it means stretching one's budget a bit.

    It's a great achievement and a delight to read. Kushner] on Amazon. However if you have seen the retrospective exhibition currently showing at the New York Historical Society you should be aware that some of the works in that exhibition are not illustrated in the book, which, since individual photos or files are not available, is mildly annoying.

    Considering the very large size of the original exhibition one hundred years ago, it is also a shame that more photos of those works from the original exhibition are not featured; in short, this volume, as large as it is, should not be taken as representative of the original exhibition. Very Nice.

    The Dragon and the Pearl

    The Leon Dabo painting is the best! A note printed on the copyright page is essential "The images between essays are selected works that appeared in galleries designated A through R at the Armory Show.

    Choral Speaking: The Alice Jean by Robert Graves

    They appear in the order in which a visitor might have encountered them at the exhibition. Please see page 35 for a map of the galleries.