Sister, Survivor: Finding Your Survivor Spirit

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She had survived the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, had come to the U. There was no way to feel alone. Facing the Philadelphia skyline, they moved into a one-legged stance called tree pose. The move emphasizes balance, and a few in the crowd stumbled; but no one fell, because they all leaned on each other.

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Marie McCullough. I had no feelings at all. I had disengaged myself from what was happening around me. It was as if my eyes were cameras and my brain was the screen. I just recorded everything, without emotion or participation. Six months have passed since I arrived home. Six months full of hope, waiting, heart-gripping anxiety and dark despair.

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Born: July 13, Dukla, Poland. My tears, like the words of the prayer, fell like fresh dew: pure, delicate, unadulterated, honest words, and pure, delicate, unadulterated, honest tears. Born: January 20, Krakow, Poland. Born: April 15, Dubno, Poland. My young daughter and I were now totally alone, relying on my own strength and the caprice of fate.

I ran out of the house with my beloved Lucy in my arms, this helpless little being who depended on me for solace, comfort and protection. I hoped that God would not desert us. Born: May 30, Sieradz, Poland. Rumkowski still remains shrouded in mystery and much controversy, and though my own view may be biased, I am convinced that he cared deeply about the Jews in the ghetto. The long shadow of the Holocaust touched my life and even reached into the lives of my children After the war. The words blended into the clang of the wheels. Will there ever be an end to the war? It did not seem possible.

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I could hardly remember when there was no war. Born: July 21, Rokitno, Poland. I hear his words, urging me to run, take hold of my body and move my legs. We run, his hand holding mine …to me it feels like freedom. Born: February 28, Leipzig, Germany. Born: October 21, Brno, Czechoslovakia. My mother always credited my father for his keen instinct of self-preservation. I felt reborn, until I looked in the mirror and could not recognize myself. I was skin and bones. The person who looked back at me in the mirror was a scared-looking, skinny little boy, not the person I thought I was.

Born: July 03, Budapest, Hungary. We had no idea where they were taking us I saw bodies falling into the river That night, a fierce air battle developed around and above our train. Guns were blazing, bombs were falling…. There were many close calls, and I think it took quick thinking and miraculous escapes to survive those times, as well as a strong will to live.

Born: December 05, Paris, France. Born: December 11, Chmielnik, Poland. The more we endured, the stronger our will to live became. This was our resistance against the degradation. Born: June 25, Warsaw, Poland. Two close calls in one day were enough for me. This was a very real battle, in which people were being killed and wounded.

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Born: June 15, Lodz, Poland. I was stubborn. Born: December 04, Paris, France.

Born: June 04, Smolensk, Russia. As I looked at the postcard with a view of my native town, I recognized the exact place where I had been standing late at night, sixty years earlier, sobbing violently in fear and despair because I had nowhere to go. Born: November 03, Lodz, Poland. My family and I were in hiding. Who was coming now?

Born: July 17, Budapest, Hungary. Where was I going to go?

'Finding Our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak' exhibit opens at MSU

What would I live on? Born: October 23, Antwerp, Belgium. Born: December 27, Cologne, Germany. News travels fast in the countryside, and when I started school many of the villagers knew that we were Jewish, although they really did not know what that meant. Born: November 10, Vilna, Lithuania. It was at the end of March , on a cool, bright and sunny day, the beginning of spring, the time of renewal of life, that the SS came to take the children.

What they told us was a lie. After several days of travelling under the most degrading conditions, broken in spirit, hungry and dying of thirst, stripped of our human dignity, we finally arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a place we had never heard of before. Born: February 24, Cluj, Romania.

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Born: November 14, Budapest, Hungary. Born: June 17, Leipzig, Germany. The officer inspecting my papers addressed me in German and in response I convincingly faked my lack of understanding. I was relieved that I was able to calmly withstand my first test in the art of deception, as many more tests of my nerves were yet to follow. For the second time, I found myself about to be interrogated…. How could I die now, after all we had managed to get through? I would not allow myself to die by their bloody hands. These thoughts pumped courage into my veins.

I wandered almost all night. I was afraid. Every movement in the forest scared me. In one room of the Center were many babies who arrived because there was no one to care for them. The infants were either unwanted because of the way they were conceived or there was simply no relative to care for them. In another room were older women being trained to provide for themselves by learning pastry -making, knitting, sewing, weaving, and basket-making.

Global Ministries was pleased to help survivors by purchasing a number of their handmade baskets. Global Ministries recently sent funds to the Mama Jeanne Center for teachers, roof repair, the building of restrooms, and milk for the babies. Funds are needed to continue assisting these amazing women, in order to keep their testimony alive through their powerful courage and initiatives.

Learn one way that funds are raised for this work here. To make a gift for this ministry online or by check use the online donation page.

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Global Ministries. These women also are continuing victims of barbaric actions by men in uniform and men of bad faith. Girls between four and twelve years of age have been victims of rape and their medical recovery is very slow due to the severity of injuries caused to these small children. Some of these injuries cannot be completely repaired; therefore, many girls will be physically affected for their entire lives. Women and children are at a high risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases because of sexual assault. Women and girls are vulnerable to undesired pregnancies, and many are not in a position to support their newborns.

Learn more about our work with: Church of Christ in Congo. Support this Ministry To make a gift for this ministry online or by check use the online donation page.