Laugh n Learn Spanish: Featuring the #1 Comic Strip For Better or For Worse (NTC Foreign Language)

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CCI has also become a key location for companies premiering their latest work, and the show promises more surprises. As a bonus, CCI produces its own guide for attendees. Stop by and check it out! Bandai Visual Co. King Records Co. Slayers Production Committee. Toei Company. Bandai Visual. TV Tokyo. Love Hina Again PC. Production IG, Bandai Entertainment. The event is promising to be just as exciting as last year, with games and tournaments taking place on the Mezzanine Level of the Convention Center and at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Adding to the mix are some live-action demos, companies premiering new gaming systems, and company-sponsored tournaments with cash and merchandise prizes. Expect 3 classes over 3 days on getting started and featuring valuable info from seasoned professionals. Learn how to go about self-publishing your own comics. In addition, you can count on seminars and demonstrations on many areas of craft, including writing, drawing, coloring and more!

Check www-comic-con. During the Comic-Con International, two related magical events will occur. On July 16, J. How much does J. Rowling actually tell you about the other stories? Rowling keeps each story absolutely insulated from all the other stories so. So, other than what I read in Book 5, I have no special knowledge of the future needs of the story.

Is it really underwater or is it computer? We built a huge tank, the biggest in Europe, specially to make this sequence. Just against blue. If they are computer generated, how do you direct something like that? The process is: First, imagine your dragon, take your imaginings to an illustrator called a concept artist and get him to draw and draw, making constant changes at my direction until I feel the dragon is convincing. Then those drawings are made into models. So that, at the end, you have a full-sized inanimate sculpture of the dragon. This is then photographed from every angle and the photos [are] scanned into the computer, which works out every tiny measurement of the sculpture.

Then the sequence of action is again drawn out with an illustrator and the computer takes those drawings and turns them into the real picture, adding the dragon as it goes. BC: Who decides what to leave out of the movie and what to change from the book so that it works in the movie? After a while everybody gets a feel for what would work in a movie as opposed to what works in a novel. BC: In all the other movies, Hermione is not as plain, big toothed, or bushy haired as she is in the books. In the book, nobody recognizes Hermione at the Yule Ball because she is so dressed up and beautiful.

Is there going to be a lot of time spent on that? BC: The Dursleys are not a big part of this book, but I really like the letter with all the stamps and Mr. Are they in the movie at all? And secondly, I initially heard that this book was going to be two movies Yay : , but that they decided to just make one Boo :. We were sad about it. That means the main story becomes a very tight, exciting, fast-paced thriller. Indeed, no matter what genre, costumes introduce us to characters, places, and experiences in ways that words and setting cannot.

And yes, some performers are even rewarded for taking us on this fantastic journey. In addition, representatives from various companies are on hand to select winners of their own cash and merchandise awards. But no cheating! Lynn Perry of DarkestDesires. To be accepted as a contestant you must submit an entry form and meet the criteria set forth in the rules. For rules, an entry form, and all the pertinent information contact the Masquerade Coordinator via mail, fax, e-mail, or by marking the appropriate space on the Multipurpose Form in this booklet and returning it to us.

You can also download everything you need at www. The Masquerade is projected on large screens suspended above the audience. Hate crowds? No ticket? Reserved seating is available for special guests of the convention and for the disabled. He left comics in the mids and eventually created the hugely successful Draw 50 series, beginning with Draw 50 Animals for Doubleday. There are now 26 titles in the Draw 50 series that primarily use visual instructions, rather than text, to teach. He drew the Buck Rogers comic strip for newspapers, he pencilled and inked such books as The Spectre and Hawkman at DC, and his crisp inking added a lush veneer to the pencils on such series as Adam Strange, Flash, The Atom, Superman, and many others.

French cartoonist David B. His internationally acclaimed graphic novel Epileptic is a stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother; with its recent U. Bob Fujitani of his oil paintings published as comic covers and internationally distributed prints. Bradbury is the author of such classics as The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Fahrenheit currently in its 50th anniversary year , many of which are continually adapted into comic book and cinematic form. Scott Campbell co-created the topselling Gen His dynamic storytelling and animated style lent themselves perfectly to his follow-up project, Danger Girl.

Campbell returns to comics this summer with the all-new miniseries Wildsiderz. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife, Keyke. He was soon hired by Stan Lee to illustrate for Timely Marvel Comics and has worked in the industry ever since. Before Blacksad, Guarnido worked on Spanish editions of Marvel comic books and as a layout artist for the Walt Disney studios in Paris. In he and his wife Maria launched El Capitan Books to publish his award-winning self-published crime series Stray Bullets, which is celebrating its 10th year in While continuing to write and draw Stray Bullets, he.

He and fellow creator, Marv Wolfman took some time to talk about their shared history, and you can read all about it on page Sedelmaier by the animated adventures of Batman, Aquaman, and other DC heroes. These were followed by the Star Trek animated series, the Archie shows which netted Filmation several gold records , the Emmynominated Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and the live-action Shazam! Dave Stevens J. His work, including portfolios and limited-edition prints, is highly sought after by collectors around the world. Originally a comic strip for his school newspaper and later appearing as a single-page strip in Carpe Noctem magazine, Johnny evolved into a longer form comic book through Slave Labor Graphics.

With the series now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the graphic novel collection Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: The Directors Cut is consistently in the top graphic novels in sales year after year.

Public Education’s Dirty Secret

Other titles by Vasquez include Squee, I Feel Sick, and Filler Bunny, and he is currently directing a music video for Mindless Self Indulgence and working on several other projects both in and out of the comic book industry. His work has been nominated for many awards, including the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz comic industry awards and the International Horror Guild award. Willingham lives somewhere near a good poker room. In , everyone was looking for change. DC Comics was experiencing a slump in sales, and fans were interested in seeing their superheroes embark on more complex adventures.

Problems solved? Not quite. We took a moment with this dynamic duo to discuss their early work and the elements that turned a group of teen heroes into comic book legends. Peter Parker had a real life and you cared more about the supporting characters than you did about. How did that come about? MW: From the very beginning I was interested in making all the Titans stand on their own, so I had been aging Dick Grayson intellectually as well as physically, and George had visually turned him into a young man as opposed to a young boy.

At the same point in the Batman books, their feeling was that Robin needed to be young, [but] because Titans was the number-one book, I convinced them that they should create a new Robin and let me keep Dick Grayson. That was the reason for the change into Nightwing. Nightwing had an enormous female following who loved him as Robin, I guess it must have been the bare legs, so I had to compensate for the fact that I was covering up his legs and gave him a little more chest.

What I really like is that they found their own take the same way George and I did when we came onto Titans. Did that come about because of Titans? MW: No, Crisis was something that conceptually goes back to when I was a kid. That afternoon, while waiting to go to a convention, the idea came. This was not somebody who did it as a profession and had gotten staid with the material. It was not boring, it was constantly exciting because. George was constantly excited about doing it.

GP: I think Marv has proved that you can be intimate and earth shattering at the same time. And there never can be enough good stories in comics. Robert Jordan is the author of 23 books, including the internationally best-selling Wheel Of Time cycle. We contacted him at his home in Charleston, South Carolina, to ask him some questions about his writing career.

Before he dies, [however], he will be a madman who can tap into the power that turns the Wheel of Time and drives the universe. This is a prophesy of someone who is going to save the world and break it at the same time. So they begin as true Candides trying to make their way in a world that seems completely strange. CCI: How does a man with a background in physics, whom the U. Then when I was 30 I tore up my left knee very badly; there were complications from the surgery, I almost died, and I decided it was time to get on with [writing].

RJ: Did I intend it to be a best-seller? Good God, no. RJ: Oh, yes. RJ: There are so many fan sites that it seems redundant for me to put up something. On top of that, it would take time. After breakfast I sit down and start writing. At six I stop and go into the house to help my wife get dinner together.

I normally do this seven days a week. Why am I not at my desk writing? CCI: But you like your work too. RJ: I do, I do. Jason and the Argonauts. Clash of the Titans. And none of these classics would have had such an impact without the wizardry of that master of stop-motion photography, Ray Harryhausen. That said, Harryhausen is far from resting on his laurels.

We recently spoke. That all confuses me. How did you and a young Ray Bradbury and Forrey Ackerman meet? RH: We connected through King Kong. Some years later I saw this replay of Kong and I saw these beautiful 11 x 14 stills out in the foyer. I asked the man who ran the theater if I could borrow them to photograph because they were inspirational to me, and he said they belonged to somebody called Forrest Ackerman. So he gave me the number, I called him, met Forrey, and he kindly loaned me the stills.

RH: Yes. Before I started in features I made six fairy tales on 16mm, and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences recently restored them because they were quite old.

Kazu Kibuishi

So get a big bag of popcorn when you see it and it will last for about four hours. CCI: Were the fairy tales contracted by a company? RH: No, I did them on my own. I had feet of unopened Kodachrome that the navy threw out because it was about six months over of date. Sad since I am living in a society that almost completely speaks Arabic.

I also teach students who are bi- or even tri-lingual…. Thanks for creating this blog….. I find it absolutely hilarious and pretty dead on I mean…. I fall into some of these too well. Keep the posts coming. James, you ignorant slut…. HI, its me again — is your epeen bigger than life size yet? I disagree with this post because I myself as a minority, who learned English first had to learn my native language years later to relocation issues did it fine and did it at a young age where it was no problem. The average makes more money than an American who pays taxes and are enslaved to the bureaucratic system.

You can only say that you force us to learn your language because we came here on our will, not because you forced us to, and you all the sudden you feel powerless. It is associating habits that the blog author interprets as execrable with whiteness per se. Although many of the people indulging in these habits are affluent liberal and young, to attack them on the basis of race and not on class has consequences for ALL white people.

The disadvantageous consequences of this attack on whiteness are experienced almost without exception by working-class Whites. Lander is essentially engaged in class warfare disguised as racial altruism. So you can speak as much Arabic as you need to, and are able to survive in a foreign country because you have a skill that is highly prized by the indigenous people. Your pupils are multilingual out of necessity and wish to learn English only because doing so is a path to economic advancement. Why do you feel a sense of shame? I categorize you as an ideological snob.

I understand that I am not the intended audience for this blog. I also understand that the joke is about North American whites… that is where the satire is. The authour you like my spelling? He has not used it to compare the habits of white North Americans with white Europeans. That is not his intended joke, that is not where the satire is. Basically, these stereotypes fall short of being funny or witty or intelligent because they are so obviously full of unintended ignorance, and we all know satire is only funny when the stereotypes are ignorant on purpose. Sorry to break that to you Louie.

This might also be a good time to let you know that Stonehenge was not built by Black men with eagles wings and magical stone lifting powers. By the way you are welcome for the Marshall Plan. You can look it up on Wikipedia and read about it in several languages I believe. I actually agree with you on this point!

Leave it to you James to forget what you wrote….. While stating the obvious that I am an intellectual who happen to be non-white, you omit that in your original statement that new, KEY word that you use later…. Leave it to you to forget within minutes what you wrote…. You could choose to understand this statement to mean that I went to the store and tried to buy my chosen brand, but was made to pick up the other brand at gunpoint. The ability to discern between the two depends upon the application of common sense. Many people saw the Marshall plan as simply American imperialism trying to gain control over western Europe to counter the Soviets control of the east… or in other words, the start of 50 years of terrible foreign affairs.

Does James have a job? I guess some working class whites got jobs printing and distributing the book, perhaps that will offset the damage? I would like to hear about someone who was denied a job promotion or apartment because Christian Lander wrote a funny post about white people pretending to like Jazz music.

Wing nuts and Euro-dolts will always be around to misinterpret satire and have a little tizzyfit, but anyone with half a brain can see exactly what this blog is about. I have to add that our three children do NOT speak Spanish,or any other language except for English,which is a shame.

It is true that white people do want their kids to speak another language! I thought it would be easier and cheaper to marry someone who spoke Spanish than to hire a tutor,next time I will know better. Hundreds of thousands of white people have been denied college places and jobs because of affirmative action. Lander feeds the zeitgeist that makes this possible. What the hell is that? This blog feeds the zeitgeist? What is that supposed to mean? I specifically said, no wishy washy shit. The bottom line is, your persecution complex has nothing to ground itself on in this case—better look elsewhere.

James, you are being a fucking pedantic asshole, go write HTML or take a shower or something. I think he meant those were the cases he knew — probably Objective too. Once you get beyond those, it can be a tad confusing for an NES. Not to mention all those verbs at the end of the sentence — Gott im Himmel! I learned some Japanese, met a chick in a bar in Tokyo and took her back to my hotel room for a night of rowdy, multi-lingual sex.

Broadway, invites the public to its holiday party. Enjoy refreshments, a wine pouring and a complementary three-to-five minute chair massage while shopping for holiday gifts. All Aveda products will be reduced 20 percent during this time excluding holiday gift sets, which have already been reduced. Yeah, who said that anyway! What about that fact that diversity benefits all. There is more debate. More learning. We all win.

Except for the clear fact that people that do not speak English are behind the proverbial 8-ball. Look it up on Wikipedia? I do, however, fail to see the connection between this blog and racism. The generalizations are fairly harmless. Until the last election and last few quarters, at least. What do I blame my inability to learn French on? Boring French movies. Except for…. They are ALL boring. This is SO true!! It seems to me that without the umbilical cord of European civilisation Black people naturally fall into the abyss.

So they were intelligent enough to become doctors, engineers and architects, but too dumb to learn the language of the country they decided to flee to? Every Mexican orange seller is a former brain surgeon with an IQ of , and every Black man is a nascent Denzel Washington, full of natural wisdom, nobility and kindness…………take a look around son! Your ability to interface with reality purely on the basis of Hollywood cliches is totally hilarious.

Typical of the arrogance displayed by non-Europeans. On the scant few occasions that they are in a position of advantage over their superiors, they delight in rubbing our noses in it. Imagine the consequences if white people burst into mocking laughter every time our language was mangled by foreigners. Perhaps, unlike a Mexican learning English so that he or she can work illegally in America, you lack the requisite motivation to learn French? I find this a generalized comment from someone that surely has not been across US borders.

I think you would walk a way with something closer to million! I will say that I do love the meme wherein folks say that Mexican Spanish is trashy, but true Castillian Spanish is classy. This having been said after six weeks in Barca or after their mexican Maid says something about mexican spanish not being cool. I say this as one of those rare white folks with the ability to attain near native fluency in another language. I think I may have posted something like this before. Lemme sum up. No one can be a universal, which is what being European is.

There is no real European identity, there are only national and regional identities. It is pretentious because it grasps for the universal and fails. And fails clearly. Make sense? Spanish European culture was not superior to Aztec culture. And I suppose that identifying someone as a German or a Frenchman testifies to their unique individualism?

European countries have historical similarities that they do not share with other ethno-cultural regions. Being smug is not the same as being silly and being silly is not the same as being pretentious. Your post is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These are the people who, when reading an opinionated post, feel the need to counter with their own opinion. Posts are almost never related to the main article but rather all other posts that are.

You do realize that El Escorial was a gigantic building built in the middle of nowhere for no good reason right? The Spaniards were more than capable of architectural gigantism. And with this I am finished with this whole thing because it is dumb. James, go read. And it is silly AND pretentious to quote Shakespeare on the internet for no good reason. Did you all know that Quebec has a special unit devoted to enforcing the french language on their own population? A few months ago an Irish pub was fined for having a Guinness poster up in their bar that was only in English, no french, thus, deemed illegal!

There, I just brought up a completely unrelated issue as well, two can play this game eh? Anyways, my girlfriend has been promising herself to learn french since before I knew her yes, she wears a scarf with a t-shirt in the summer!

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However, I did live in The UK for over 2 years where I became guilty of to appear to like soccer , and the Brits are as likely to only speak English as we are. He now lives in germany and has finally picked it up, I think… he could be spewing out jibberish for all I know. Because we invented nuclear weapons, we say how things are spelled nowadays! By god! What kinds of pleasure does this dude take in from just labelling every possible thing someone would do and autmoatically attaching a negative stereotype to promote the idea that white people are awful.

People do what they want, and its fools like this author that care so much about what other people think and rip apart other peoples lives. Its easy to pull some moot topic out of your ass and associate a negative tone to its farfetched meaning. It makes sense to have at least basic proficiency in a common language.

To speak to foreigners and immigrants? Last time I checked, whatever country you live in, the incomers should be the ones learning to speak the local language. A special note should also be made about people learning to speak Japanese from cartoons, arriving in downtown Shinjuku and discovering very quickly that no one ever speaks like that and that Japan is not the nerd Utopia they envisaged.

White people like getting upset over little, racial comments more than the people of that targeted race does. Just like Ivy Leaguers. The real white people are hipsters in nyc, not preps in the OC. Have you seen that show, not that I watch tv. It is terrible, those girls are very shallow. Have you seen the food they eat and how much time they spend in doors? Whitest languages to learn? Dead languages. El Escorial is not typical of Spanish architecture or city planning. Aztec architecture is basically post, lintel and mound. Spanish architecture is related to a broader European culture that possessed sophisticated and multifarious art, literature, philosophy and technology.

Aztec architecture was related to a broader Amerindian culture that was mostly neolithic. BTW, Since when was a religious academy the same as a big stone butchers block? Try to learn to lose with more dignity. Spot on! I have been learning spanish for about 5 years now and still only know like 5 words. I need to remember to turn the subtitles off when I watch Amorres Perros for the fiftieth time. Where I am going with this is that The whole European Age of Enlightenment era that began in Europe in the 15thth century was hugely influenced by the Islamic culture in terms of knowledge, culture, technological advancement….

I think you have really missed the point. This being a shame. The Moors invented nothing. They inherited classical learning from Greece and Rome. Their famous algebra came from the hindus and ultimately from the Chinese rod numerical system. The most famous structure in Islam is the Hagia Sophia, a church built by white people. African, Hindu, Chinese, Muslim….. And perhaps the english built the great wall in china?

Compensating some insecurity? Perhaps, james , your contribution is soooo tiny , which explains partly i hope your attitude..

The batman in Spanish (Comic strips Project)

These probably seem like good points to people who are stupid enough to think the pyramids and the great wall of China were built by Muslims. Are you the king of silliness , james? But now , other forces are coming , asians : they will eat us like a sandwich , whitout asking your permission. That went over your head apparently. And why should they? A complementary post could be that white people like the fact that non-native English speakers will struggle to communicate in a foreign language i.

English just to save them the trouble of bothering to learn. Good ol Geber and his inventing stuff all the time and stuff. English is the language of international communications, simple as that. If Germans or Mexicans had invented the aeroplane and the telephone things might be different. Jimmy, you really are a fucking troll. I even included a cuss word so you could feel all superior and shit when you accuse me of an ad hominem attack. Sleep well sweetie. Honestly, I agree with Jonboy.

I think more people are racist towards white people than everyone else. And besides, this site is for FUN. I speak french very well, so Je suis une vraie white people comme le livre le dit. I used to hate the study of all languages when I was in high school. If anything I can still learn Portuguese and Italian, which are similar to Spanish. But German, French or Russian,… screw that! Actually, this is not about white people i think, but english native speakers in genaral — you guys are usually not able to speak fluently, and this is all..

HA this one is kinda hilarious. Its fun but this crappy software just makes it hard. This is a strange item. Travel around Europe and you will see that I am telling the truth. This item is true of Americans of all races but definitely not of all white folks around the world. Race is socially constructed anyway. By the time I finish college I want to learn Arabic and Russian. I really, really want to be able to test you on those languages by down pat, do you mean basic or proficient?

Most people will make an attempt for a few weeks before giving us, but not I. I first discovered my gift for not speaking other languages when I was stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Although I was stationed there for 4 years I never mastered more than a few words in Thai and absolutely no skill in reading it. I expanded my skills by marrying a Thai woman in We have been married for 37 years but I still have not learned to speak more than a few Thai words. I have further mastered my craft by attending a Thai Buddhist Temple in the U.

I have managed to increase my skill set to not speaking either of those languages although I can manage to not speak Cambodian as well. First, yes i am american. Second I freely admit english is hard as insert any curse word of your choosing Third. I am 19, i only know i little spanish a small insignificant amount, so small most 5 year olds know more from watching Dora or Diego on T. But i try, when i was in mexico i did not stay in the tourist part of town. But if i ever moved to mexico, or anywhere else i would have to learn their language.

It might take a year… or more. This article is spot on. Of course I can also blame my bootlegged Rosetta Stone software for my failure. You can also blame hanging around mostly english speakers most of the time you were in Germany……. What was your incentive? It got you what you wanted…it is all good…. What was your necessity? Now with your example, apply it to the many spanish speakers that americans encounter here in the US….. I like to say that: Necessity is the mother of all inventions…..

Would a white person be impressed if I told them I speak Jive? Albert, now why did you go and show your stupidity by calling names when it was uncalled for?? I asked you questions because you failed to write your thoughts in a clear manner…I was giving you the benefit of the doubt to clarify your ignorant statements, but what did you do?

You answer my questions with running sentences no periods , and at the same time have the nerve to call me an idiot, when anyone who would read your RANT would immediately know that it was written by a stupid, ignorant fool….. Next time you want to write, try thinking before you type…. I tried to learn french to impress the ladies but wiwi was as far as I got…..

And Mexicans invented chicle to Gringos — chewing gum. Santa Ana was an importer in the USA. Haha, maybe if I work as a gardener, cook or maybe a nanny or maid. These would all be great career paths that I would need to know Spanish for. That would definitely let me climb the economic ladder! Every Mexican American speaks to me in English because were in America. You have to be retarded to think people will need to know spanish to survive.

And yes I live in Southern Cal. You got it ass backwards. I think you missed the point of how funny this article was. Could it be an american phenomenon? Man, how about you start showing some respect to others and quit with the cursing and swearing? You are upset that people are too politically correct. How about coming across like a person who can hold a conversation! To keep you sharp??

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Try reading the newspaper in Spanish. The Swiss rant about poor-integrated immigrants all the time, but ignore the Americans. I loved it when white American customers whom I served at the store where I worked would compliment me on my excellent English and praise the Swiss education system for its emphasis on foreign languages I would then explain that I was from Massachusetts and that many of my co-workers spoke rather bad English. Because they already know everything they think they need to know about it. Took 2 years of Thai in college and have spent another four becoming fluent.

I start Chinese tomorrow. Guess Im not white anymore. Thanks for the hilarious response in the midst of such warm, fuzzy, and thoroughly thoughtful and respectful responses. I did! That was a fun little moment. Something vaguely like that. I still miss it! This is pretty fucking funny. First time reader, and I like your stuff. To be taxonomically precise a person fluent in more than two languages is called a polyglot.

Tri-lingual is a superfluous neologism. I tried your above listed methods, but got a tutor and enrolled myself in school courses. Yay for my lack of apathy. No one really cares about your personal record. This is mostly for the lulz anyway. I live in Berlin and I can tell you that it is an absolute myth that all Germans speak English. The French- well we know about them and their mickey mouse phobias and thus, failure or at least refusal to speak English.. I lived in Mexico City for quite a while and never saw that ever. I agree. And the immigrants I meet all speak at least a bit of French and English.

Not many people my age want to learn a third language, let alone learn French competently. We have a population of Hardly anybody? I am guilty of this article about languages. When I first heard the word for little in Japanese I was excited at the chance to try out the Japanese I had learned from subtitled Anime. Watashi wa Otaku desu. Political correctness is just more crap to distract people from reality. Glad I voted for him. This article needs a correction! Many white Americans can speak fluid ebonics! For the reasons explained above I chose Latin as my second language.

Well I lived in Vancouver and I have a very common French name and it was misspelled and mispronounced for the 2 years I lived there so, yeah, I would say the majority of Anglo-Canadians do not speak French. The total population is Your 2. Nearly laughed my head off!!! I am actually an African, a Nigerian. Never been in any white country. But I speak English as well as French.

I would say hardly anyone in Canada speaks French. That thing they speak is sort of like French, but not as the French know it.

SequelQuest Podcast | Podbay

So true and so fun! It is an odd thing in Europe. I speak five Czech, Slovak, German, English, some Swedish and I always learn the basics when I go somewhere as a tourist meal ordering, souvenir purchasing, beach umbrella. Locals appreciate it…. I can speak a fair amount of Japanese. Greek in my case. No English speaker uses that phrase in that way. Especially with two periods at the end. White people clearly like to make fun of, if not ridicule, themselves. I suppose it allows them to feel better about…who knows?

Yeah, reverse racism exists. Also, consider the fact that you can leave the country and experience it, like I have. Most also make a point of sharing at some point that this is their second foreign language, and they plan to pick up a semi-related language like Farsi or Urdu, maybe even Pashtu after finishing their Arabic studies.

And what am I? A 21 year old white girl from the Mid-West, studying Arabic as my second foreign language who will likely begin learning Somali in a year or two. Just curious as to how this type of situation is applied in the article. Half Mexican and half white… Huh? You are Mexican but people assume you are white… what? My guess is that these people have never set foot in Latin America, where there are plenty of white people of non-mixed European origin.

Look, I studied this stuff in university. I also use it a lot in my job in the government. Just go to Wikipedia. All their stuff on bilinguilism in Canada comes from Statistics Canada aka the federal government. It irks me even more that my fellow Americans confuse being fluent with being conversational in a language. Your accent does not confuse native speakers. Your grammar is correct and your vocabulary broad. Your accent may confuse native speakers at times. You make some grammatical errors. Your vocabulary is basic. Have a little patience.

I put up with different accents and various misuse of the English language from new speakers all the time. People take that for granted. Learn some manners! Someone from a third-world country coming to the US is making an economically rational decision. What were they making before? An American going to a third world country is making an economically irrational decision. Foriegners, even after being in the US for, five years, get tenses in English wrong all the time. Sorry, white people do just fine. Private, quick, courteous service. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow gmail.

This one irritates me all the time. Or not? Oh … silly me! Mina totally white here, just not American. Obviously this person has never been to Scandinavia. Most white people I met spoke atleast three languages fluently. This entry is just dumb, unless they mean white American people, then it is completely true. A speech with metaphors outside of the Oxfiod dick , and comprehended only in the land east of the Appalachians, is not English.

It is a dialect. Most people from Asia the only continent I can speak for , are incredibly warm, tolerant and generous and humour the blumbering idiot along, basking in the pleasure of a foreigner even bothering to learn. This is the best delivery service I have ever used. Great quality, fairly priced, and courteous service. On weekends, they offer buy 5 blunts and get 2 free with a free crystal meth pipe and 50 cents next day delivery.

After all Mexican people were there first. Before the Theives struck that is. I apologize ahead of time if there is any incorrect spelling or punctuation, the theives wrote my school books and and focused more on covering up the truth than teaching. I prefer not to say white people when I speak of the Descendants of Theives because that does not accurately describe all white people. In America, who has the right to tell anyone what language to speak?

This has to get an award for the stupidest website out there. And I DO think English is hard to learn, once you see all the grammatical rules other languages have. English is a bit messed up. And people do accuse the writers of being racist. I have a guitar and tried to play but never had the time. I can play three songs at the most. I doubt I could learn a different language. What school did you go to? All I ever heard at mine was how much white people suck, while occassionally mentioning the accomplishments a few of them made, like the vehicle, light bulb, etc.

And screw you. Yo soy blanca y americana. Rank 1: The Comic Conspiracy: Episode Rank 2: The Comic Conspiracy: Episode This week, we discuss the next Batman movie plot we want to see, more weekly comics, how to get more customers, big comic events, 90s comics are awesome, the upcoming Flash tv trailer, comic book tv shows, Constantine tv show trailer, and some listener questions.

A teenage girl gets a mighty artifact that grants her immense powers It's a bit haunted! This self-contained "universe" includes Artifacts and characters from other series with permission! But when the Empire discovers the clones' alliance with the Rebels, they all have to start working together. The Major Spoilers Store is located at majorspoilers. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our ramblings each week. Tell your friends! No news is good news, especially when we talk about collecting comics!

The Justice League vs.

It will help ensure the Major Spoilers Podcast continues far into the future! As a result, I have thousands of bagged and unbagged comics ranging from the 60's through the late 80's. I've always wanted to price them and sell them on eBay or something. I see the project taking hundreds of hours that I don't have being a new small business owner.

The Prissy Posh-Yorkshire Accent.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can get this done, or maybe a service that could do it for me the valuation, I mean? Wait, wrong book. Unravel Two is a puzzle-platformer video game developed by Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. Fate has brought them together, and now Captain America wants to make it permanent! Who will take his hand and join the new Avengers? And will they be strong enough to fight the mysterious forces at play around them?

A big Thank You goes out to everyone who downloads, subscribes, listens, and supports this show. Closing music comes from Ookla the Mok. It's the longest episode in a while and it's full of books, celebrations and bad jokes as always. This is How We Do It! With the prospect of new listeners joining in, Jim and Eric change They at least allow new listeners to get up to speed before diving into the books because they are nice guys. We will have a new weekly segment with all of your calls. On this week's episode of Off Panel, David talks with writer John Layman about his process making comics, what it's like nearing the end of "Chew", the art of killing characters, Chew 50 and much more.

It's an all-encompassing look at how one of Image's longest running titles is run, and for those interested in making creator-owned comics, this is something you shouldn't miss. Lemire discusses his organizational abilities, what getting ahead with your writing offers you, a day in his life, studio space, his connection to rural locations, Black Hammer's connection to his love of comics, the divide between independent and superhero comics, how Black Hammer evolved, his collaborators, expanding its universe, the appeal of horror, Gideon Falls's development, working with Andrea Sorrentino, the JH Williams III effect, creating tension, writing for others versus himself, him stepping back from for-hire work, and more.

Rank 1: Episode Episode 01 by The Weekly Pull. Rank 2: Episode Episode 58 by The Weekly Pull. We talk theories, the future of the MCU, how this might set up the Read more. Welcome to Episode We start off the episode talking about the Avengers: End Game Time Loop Theory that has been a huge deal on Reddit and has been making the rounds on other media outlets. Then we move Well, actually you do. Rank 2: Amazing Spider-Talk 1. Two fans and collectors Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio discuss the Spider-Man comic universe in a show that looks to the past, present, and future of Spider-Man.

In this first episode they discuss Amazing Spider-Man vol. The show can be subscribed to by going to iTunes. Rank 1: Star Wars: History of the Jedi. The Jedi are some of the most important characters in the Star Wars universe, but how were they founded? You might learn something. Enter your Mind University! Be careful! So if you don't want to know what happens, then you should come back later.

Thanks for showing up to class today. Class dissmissed! Rank 2: Nightwing Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson has been called Robin, Nightwing, and now just Grayson. In honor of issue one of Grayson being released by DC Comics, we're taking a look into the history of the first boy wonder. How did he first meet Batman, and why did he finally quit the Batcave. It's time to learn all those Bat facts and more!

So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their lesson.

This blog is devoted to stuff that white people like

Join us on Patreon to support the podcast and, most importantly, get new content! Rank 1: — Conducive to Moral Subversion. For more information on this and other episodes, check out xplainthexmen. In which the Acolytes are pretty terrible; Exodus considers his options; Val Cooper is not wildly trustworthy; Cable uses his words; and people with significant metal implants should probably stop Rank 38 in Visual Arts category.

Share this podcast:. Fun stuff. Show notes. Are awesome thanks for the time stamps. Best Episodes All Episodes. It's all been leading to this! Apr 28 Rank 2: Special Edition - Avengers: Endgame. This is the end, the final curtain, the big show.