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Bestway Fabulous little pattern for baby layette from s in classic stocking stitch - can always be embroidered with small flowers, butterflies or little sail boats.

Knitting Newborn Hats for Hospitals

Cross over cardigan, cross over vest, bootees and a easy to knit shawl. Again you could always embroider this to give an individual look. To fit inches. Try a tension square first in modern 4ply to see if you need to change needles or if it will knit to size in modern 3ply. Baby Shawl Pretty vintage shawl knitting pattern.

The centre is knitted first then the border separately. Always work a tension square and dress shawl as instructions. BC5-Margaret: Great vintage knitting pattern from s for baby blankets. Two designs Margaret is measures 26 x 40 inches and is knitted in double knitting or Aran for slightly bigger size, Very easy 5 row pattern repeated. Both blankets are included. BS-Gaylia: Great vintage s knitting pattern for baby shawl. Knitted in vintage 3ply, try modern 3ply in a tension square and change needles if needed. No size given. BS-Sarah Jane: Great vintage baby shawl form s. Nice easy square shawl.

Coats : Great vintage baby pram blanket knitting pattern. There are instructions for two fabulous pram covers. Knitted in baby quickknit, try baby double knitting. Emu : Lovely vintage knitting pattern for baby shawls. One crocheted, the other two knitted. Emu Lovely vintage baby shawl knitting pattern. Vintage 2ply or 3ply shawls that make up to 54" square. Always work a tension square and change needles if needed. Emu :Another beautiful shawl and layette baby pattern, There are instructions for the robe, jacket, bonnet and bootees and the fabulous shawl all knitted in quicklerknit which was similar to modern baby double knitting, work a tension square.

Jacket is to fit 18"" and the shawl measures 42" excluding border. Golden Eagle Great vintage knitting pattern for baby blanket in blanket wool. Looking at the needle size probably a very chunky yarn - tension is 3 stitches to an inch on imperial no2, metric 7mm. The pattern recommends 34 oz which is roughly 21 x 50g balls of thick chunky wool. The measurements are 33" x 48" for the cot size and 30" x 25 " for the pram using 16oz 10 x 50g balls. Keep baby warm this winter choose a machine washable wool.

Golden Eagle Great vintage baby shawl knitting pattern s. Knitted on large needles old size 7 4. Greenock B Great vintage baby shawl knitting pattern s. There are instructions for two lovely lacy shawls. The one on the front as shown is worked in vintage 3ply, so try a tension square in modern 3ply and see if you need to change needles.

Frozen Winter bun Hat

It says it will need to be stretched after completion, this can be done by laying it out slightly damp on a white sheet and pinning the edges, especially the points out and leaving to dry - not in the sun! Beautiful shawl in 3ply to knit in three sizes. Nice easy centre and edge easy lace lace pattern. GSW- Shawl: Great vintage shawl knitting pattern. This delicate easy to knit shawl is 36inches square for the head shawl and 52 inches square for th elarget version.

Knitted in vintage 3ply. The centre is knitted in garter stitch first then the edges are used to pick up stitches for the border in seperate sections. Heather Shawl: Great vintage baby blanket knitting pattern from s. This blanket is big enough for a warm shawl on a chilly day. With a solid moss stitch centre and close lace pattern at the edge, this lovely shawl measures 40 inch square and is knitted in a double knitting or a 4ply.

This collection has a large shawl with lace edge 42 inches square. There are also instructions for a jacket, bonnet, helmet, bootees and mittens as well as a little cross over vest. To fit inch chest. Known as a second size set.

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Have that authentic look for your baby pram this autumn, knit a super pram rug in double knitting. Always work a tension square and change needles to get the size required. This one was produced by quite a few pattern suppliers over the years, really traditional Shetland style. The finished shawl measures 60 inches square. It takes 8oz g approx to knit and Shetland lace weight is suggested, if you cannot get this, try modern 2ply in a tension square and change needles to get the required tension.

Don't forget to block this one carefully to flatten out the peaks at the edges. Pattern in nice condition. Place your order by emailing me with make and number of pattern i. You can email sue thevintageknittinglady.

Please email me for foreign and other postal charges. Toy Patterns. Children's Patterns. Men's Patterns.

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Socks and Stockings. Ladies Fair Isle Patterns. Mens Fair Isle Patterns. Ladies Hats, Gloves, and Bags. World War 2 Service Knits. Baby's Patterns. Ladies Patterns. Picture Knits. Dolls Patterns. Hot Water Bottle Covers. Wierd and Wonderful Gifts. Bairnswear : This shawl measures 52" square and is knitted in 3ply Shetland wool. Corners edged in pure silk crochet. Bellmans Great vintage knitting pattern for a square shawl in 3 sizes and a circular shawl from s.

There are instructions for the square shawl in size 64, 52 and 36 inches square all knitted in 3ply. The circular shawl measures 52 across centre and is worked on a circular needle, and is in 3ply. Bestway Shawl: Great vintage knitting pattern for a shawl from s. This classic shawl measures 40 inches square and is knitted in 3ply but on larger needles to allow for draping. Very easy pattern and classic garter stitch border that is knitted in with pattern. BC-Bunny: Great vintage baby pram or crib blanket knitting pattern from s. This lovely little cover is knitted in double knitting wool and the little bunny heads are knitted separately.

Accepted Cap & PICC Patterns.

Cover measures 24 x 32 inches, there is also a knitted lining to this one therefore it is lovely and cosy. Knit wider border for cot size - allow more wool if you do this. BC-Leslie: Great vintage baby pram cover knitting pattern from s. Super design knitted in a modern 4ply. Variation on the more modern leaf design. Worked in 4 sections and then sewn together. Measures 30 x 21 inches.

Sun hat knitting pattern

BL Blanket: Great vintage knitting pattern for blanket with a double frill from s. This pram cover is knitted in two shades of baby wool so is light and delicate and measures 26x 24 inches so is ideal for modern baby prams. I knitted this one of my first daughter's pram on very similar to picture.

If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make this modern unisex beanie pattern! Follow the video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Jimmy Beans Wool offers Free U. It is great for beginners or experienced knitters who want to achieve the classic beanie look. Siena Mittens by Free Patterns on Pierott There are some great free Japanese knitting patterns but if you don't know Japanese then it can be hard to find them or to know what the links to the pages say.

I am providing the patterns below free of charge as a courtesy to knitters, as-is, without pattern support from me. The free knitting patterns linked to in directory are the property of the original pattern designer and are listed at KnittingHelp. You are welcome to them for your personal use. I experimented with different This classic hat and scarf set is the perfect gift for your your favorite guy and makes a great project for beginner knitters!

Yarnspirations back ravelry patterns yarns people groups forums my notebook If you need something to drive away those terrible Monday blues, the Maker Monday Hat is just the knitting pattern for you. Cedarbox Knits designed this relaxed fit hat. A beautiful chunky knit looks great on everyone! We are glad to have you.

Owl Hat Knit Pattern

Find the perfect pattern with 7 Free Knitting Patterns for Men. Sizes 36" - 46" 91cm - cm. I got a lot of email asking for the pattern to make my roll-brim hat that finally! If you are looking for instructions for this hat for baby toddler, child, adult sizes, please see my Beehive Cap, which is for sale as a charity pattern for the NC Cancer Hospital. Gauge: 14sts to 4in 10cm.

The PatternReview. Great for the guys and the gals and works up quickly. Knit in a circle until the base of the hat will cover your head. This hat is part of a coordinating set which also includes a winter scarf. A great Mens knit hat.

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This one uses basic worsted weight cotton that you can find in any mass retail store or craft shop. Choose from over 3, different patterns from Vogue Knitting, Knit. There are basic chunky knit hats that show off the yarn with a simple stockinette stitch, and then there are more challenging hats that feature cables or other textured stitches. This hat was a request by a friend, and as much as I procrastinate and try to create the perfect piece, I'm sure my friend doesn't mind the wait.

I am a 72 years old grandmother and just like you, I knit because I find it relaxing. And you can get really creative with patterns and colors. Simple beginners pattern. The Favorite Knit Slouchy Hat by Jamie Sande is one of those great hat patterns you'll find yourself reaching for over and over. This pattern uses only knits and purls if you're feelin saucy!

This is a really easy to knit pattern - would suit a beginner. Feel free to use these patterns for charity. Each one uses Lion Brand yarns and ranges from beginner to expert skill level. Currently a Free loom knitting pattern on this site. Using long-tail cast on, cast on 72 stitches onto your circular needles. Enjoy our huge selection of free knitting patterns and tutorials! This is an appropriate hat for a preemie. The Rickrack Rib Slouchy Hat Pattern is full of bold texture, making it a great way to add interest to an everyday outfit. Lion Brand Yarn has over 7, free knitting and crochet patterns of various colors, sizes and project types.

This pattern includes basic knit stitches. Drops Design offers a multitude of free patterns that have now been translated into English. I just started crocheting, and, so far, I have used three of your patterns — making four Chunky Infinity Cowls, the Maribel Cowl my favorite! All your patterns are easy to follow and have turned out terrific if I must say so myself!

Knit your first hat with Alexa and Emily! Barley is the fourth pattern in the Simple Collection, our free learn-to-knit series. The hardest part might just be deciding which one to knit up first. Mittens are a great project for knitters who have some basic knitting and pattern following skills and ready for a little more challenge.

Row gauge is unimportant. But there is one style of hat that is everywhere right now, even in summertime Los Angeles: the slouchy hipster hat. Marianna's Lazy Daisy Days. It proves that classic and sporty can be worn at the same time on the same head. Inspired by the popular crafting movement of setting aside a specific day for crafting, this knit hat pattern will help you enjoy the finer things in life while producing one warm and cozy knit. Search the huge range of free patterns or click on a particular item or brand name to refine your search.

Please save this pattern to your computer or mobile device before starting your project. Welcome to Crochet Pattern Central--an often updated online directory featuring precisely 19, links to free crochet patterns and tutorials. Calling all beginner knitters! Check out this lightning fast knit hat pattern - it's a great way to bust your stash! Casual yet eye-catching, this gorgeous garnet-colored knit hat pattern is perfect for year-round wear.

Hope Scarf pattern is found "here" on Ravelry. Free hats and scarves knitting and crochet patterns for men, schemes and description of models. Tagged in beard hat, crafts, crafty, diy, diy gift for boyfriend, diy gift for husband, free, free knit beard hat pattern, free knitting patterns, handmade, homemade, knit beard hat pattern, knit hat pattern, knitting, knitting patterns; 20 Comments I found the pattern on Ravelry which led me to a very cute blog called Gleeful Things.

Easy slouchy hand-knit hipster hat free pattern! I love knitting hats and I make a lot of them, mostly for family members and friends who live in colder climates.

This adorable little mouse ears hat will be a family favorite and especially popular for those who love THE mouse. Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing your wonderful patterns. Take each strip and glue against the body of spongebob, starting at the bottom and going up in overlapping rows, kind of like shingles on a roof. If you miss some areas, no biggie, since we have yellow underneath to hid imperfections.

I left the areas that receive the mouth and face free of the tissue paper, for a good solid spray adhesive bond. Cut a hole in the top of spongebob to add candy and toys, and voila! Thank you so much for your instruction this made me the best granny ever. Spongebob came out awesome.

I made as big as my two year old grandson. I used the gardening knee mat to 3D face in yellow. Wow that was incredable! It almost broke my heart to see it broken open! What a lucky boy. Thanks for sharing. Nice project, Looks like I have a to do list. Can you tell us what sealer you used for the face? Reply 9 years ago on Introduction.

I used a 'foam safe' 2 part epoxy, the kind used for fiberglass or carbon fiber. But not the auto store type resin, that will melt the glue. You might also use 5 min epoxy, or possibly even something like wood glue. As well, I think you would paint it directly with acrylic paint not too watered down. Nothing better than performance art.

Build to destroy. That's what we said in the Army too. Good times. By kittka Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Free Halloween Mummybot Papercraft.