How To Swear In German: All The Dirty Words And Insulting Phrases You Need To Know

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If you'd want to insult someone's manhood, you could take a homophobic turn with 'You'll be disgusted with pussies and enjoy only dicks'. Just calling someone a 'Stinky boob' is also an option. If you want to do it right, though, you'll curse someone's entire bloodline: you could go with 'I'll fuck everyone dead in your family, and your offspring and ancestors', with a more classy 'I'll fuck your blood, seed and tribe', or with 'I will fuck the first row at your funeral'.

Teaching You Insults And Swearwords In German

More polite but also successful curses are 'I shit in your mouth' or 'I shit on your back'. The greatest mind-bending curse in our language, though, would be: "I fuck your dick in a pussy". Generations of experts have tried and failed to understand how this could be done. French swearwords these days are pretty lame compared to the ones we started using in the Middle Ages.

13 Hilarious Arabic Swear Words and Phrases

From that time and up until about the 18th century, everyone from peasants to aristocrats would shout out words like 'Gourgandine' which means prostitute , or 'Sacrebleu', which is hard to translate — it's old timey and more or less the French equivalent of ' zounds '. These were more exciting times, when French people would yell things like 'Jean-foutre' at each other, which means 'vile', but in a very untranslatable way. French people today are less creative with their cursing: they just use homophobic slurs like 'PD', 'fiotte', 'tarlouze', or more basic things like 'connard' douchebag , 'pute' whore or 'salope' bitch.

Luckily, French people do still use some expressions that are a bit more eloquent, like 'Va te faire mettre' — which would translate into something like ' go do yourself' and is generally used when you need someone to fuck off. Swearing culture in Romania is built on three pillars: oral sex, mothers and Christ. The most common curse word in Romania is 'muie' which roughly translates to 'suck my penis'. We also use 'my dick' to emphasize stuff in normal conversations, like the Polish use 'kurva' or 'whore'.

In light of this, it should come as a surprise to no one that according to Romanian PornHub statistics, 'mom' has been one of the most commonly searched phrases on the site for years. The most controversial Romanian swears revolve around religion. That's not a typo, by the way, that's a plural form of Christ.

In contrast to most eastern and southern European countries, insulting one's mother isn't that big of a deal for the Dutch. We choose a more direct approach, by whishing an array of deadly diseases on the object of the curse. Over the years, curses and swears involving 'klere' cholera , 'pest' the plague , 'tyfus', 'tering' tuberculosis and 'pokke' smallpox have all been popular.

More recently 'kanker' cancer has become the swear word of choice in Dutch, although it also remains the most controversial, as cancer is more of a problem in today's world than, say, the plague is. It's a versatile curse, as it can be used when you realize you locked yourself out and your phone is still inside 'kanker!

The argument for learning slang

A guy you don't like is a 'kankerlul' cancer dick and his female counterpart is a 'kankerhoer' cancer whore. These diseases can also be used to a superlative degree or even in a positive way. If it's extremely busy at the gym, you'd say it's 'teringdruk' tuberculosis busy , and if you've had a great time with someone you could tell him or her it was 'kankergezellig' cancer gezellig. In Austria, when something truly pisses us off, we yell 'hure! An important category in Austrian swearing is the use of body parts.

Sometimes we call people 'beidl' — which means scrotum, but is often used as synonymous to dick — and, like many great nations in the world, we call people asses or assholes. Many Austrians would call someone they don't like a 'schwuchtel' or 'mongo' — slurs for gay and handicapped people, respectively.

30 Hilarious German Insults You Should Start Using Immediately | Mental Floss

But these swears can be used for things as well, as Austrians feel things can be gay or handicapped, too. Obviously, Austrians are the worst, and need to be told to fuck off. All serious Danish curses involve getting eaten by scary things. Things like 'satanedme' Satan eat me and 'kraftedme' cancer eat me. Say some guy bumps into you, causing you to drop your book of H.

How to Swear at Friends and Insult Strangers In Different European Languages

Andersen fairytales. To this you'd respond: "This is way too Satan eat me! Then there's a whole array of sad Danish excuses for curse words: translations of actual English curses, as featured in movie subtitles. This is real, and we need help.

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World, if you're listening: send us your far superior curse words. Shlemiel: Someone who is particularly useless, clueless inept and often klutzy, the type who is always running into things and knocking them over. Shlimazel: A person cursed with constant bad luck and to whom bad things usually happen. Shanda: A scandal. This is funny because the show Scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes. This is obviously not good. Shmendrik: A stupid jerk; someone who is thin and weak, a runt or pipsqueak; also, someone of little worth with an inflated ego.

Shnorrer: Someone who is always hitting you up for money, a mooch or a begger. Also connotes a cheapskate or frugal type. Shpilkes: Your nerves.

Also can refer to a person who is a hot mess. Tuches: Your derriere or bottom. It can always get worse. Note: For an entire array of Yiddish phrases, check out the invaluable book, Born to Kvetch. Reblogged this on How my heart speaks and commented: So funny. Thought Catalog published a list of 61 Yiddish insults, which feels like it ought to be […]. Shanda—shame, scandal.

She distinguished herself in the […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Amoretz: A numbskull or ignoramus. Fertummelt: Mixed-up, confused, flummoxed.

Grepse: To burp. Kadokhes: A worthless person.

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Khazer: A gluttonous person or a pig. Khnyok: A racist or a bigot. Narrishkeit: Engaging in foolishness or folly. Oysshteler: A braggart, egotist, show-off or showboat. Potchka: To keep busy with no clear end in mind or to mess around.

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Prostak: A vulgar, coarse, ignorant person.