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She wishes everyone to be good, that is why she believes everyone is good inside. However, the groups of people tell us another perspective. This is also what I believe. For the Misfit, he can be included only in religious world. At the end of the article, facing death of herself and her families, the grandmother still think there is hope within him and he is a good man who can be saved.

I agree on how you concluded that the grandmother sensed goodness from her perspective of viewing people. Nonetheless, I doubt what you said that other characters in the story are innocent. The grandmother said Red Sammy is good because he helped two young men with a nice car to fill the gas, which fits her personal point of view of goodness.

Moreover, Nobody was innocent in this story, Bailey and the mother were ignorant, the kids were disrespectful. And it is ironic that what we normally consider of a good man, honest, respectful, responsible, and considerate, appeared on the characteristic of the misfit. It was contradictory that what we defined as a good man the grandmother who was actually a bad man, and what we defined as a bad man has the characteristics of goodness.

In the passage, a Good Man Is Hard to Find, the definition of goodness is complicated and in some way, controversial, because it is not only related to what is defined by the secular society, but also is related to religion and the insight of personality. Take grandma as an example. However, although they are recognized as good men, they are not so good in many aspects. Red Sammy bosses around his wife and the Misfit is a serial killer and the one who eventually kills her. The contradiction between what grandmother thinks they are and who they really are highlights the superficiality of grandmother along with a sense of unexpectedness.

And we can see, in the short story, all the characters are all flawed: grandmother being hypocritical, vain and selfish; Bailey being cowardly, indifferent and neglecting; and the Misfit is cold-blooded, psychotic and sinful. To some extent, it is hard to find a good man in the story. However, does it mean we can deny their existence as a person? Everyone has more or less flaws, but what makes a real person is the combination of both good and evil.

We can still see from the short novel, Bailey cares about his wife and family. When the accidents happened, he finds his wife and the baby at first. After all, I think there is no absolute good men in this article, but there is an actual process represented by the grandmother of evolving oneself to be good, bringing out the true goodness embedded in our heart.

I highly agree on your understanding of this novel. His characteristic of being well informed and somehow knowledgeable about human beings is cultivated from his occurrence. Can he symbolize a devil Aside of a human with blood and flesh? A dark side of god who have similarly comprehensive knowledge.

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When the conversation comes to topics of religion, he acts like a judge as well as a man with both good and bad, and challenges the superficial definition of good. To be precise, Red Sam was willing to help and to show his trust even to the strangers; his wife kept saying June was a cute girl even after being offended by her. Their advertisement give people an opposite feeling in this profound story.

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The parents pampered their children too much and show complete ignorance to their mother. The grandmother— one of the most important characters— was a self-centered stubborn woman who dressed up to show people that she was a lady in case of an accident took place. She pretended to be injured to cover the fault of leading the wrong way.

The other important character— the Misfit was a man acting on his own wills. He and his two fellows killed lots of people and they are guilty for what they had done. Looking at this story in another angle, the communications between grandmother and the Misfit is the bridge to the larger theme of religion. The grandmother is the representative of faithful believers.

She thought people should pray to Jesus for salvation, they believe in the good part inside everyone is equal; however, the Misfit represented the opposite side. Being mistreated and suffered a lot from the unfair society, they no longer believe in Jesus. In my opinion, none of these ideas was correct. Gods— in any kind of belief— should be a guider instead of savior. At the end of the story, Misfit killed grandmother and suddenly realized that there is no real pleasure in life.

Which— in my understanding— none of the both side won the other. I agree with your opinion that grandma and Misfit are on behalf of different attitudes toward religions. She was rest in peace, felt that she was saved by God, and could go to heaven. When she met Misfit, she said they were good boys and would not shoot women, which provided herself a sense of safety. Religion here, or some kinds of belief, is like a navigation light that points out our routes. Without a belief, it is harder, or we might get lost like Misfit.

Whether to have a belief or not is depends on personal opinion, since a good belief is also hard to find. From this point, if we contrast her attitude toward the black boy and the Misfit, i. With the wisdom of hindsight, we could know that the grandma has been shot with 3 bullets by the Misfit, i. Thus, the author might satirize those crazy enthusiasts of Christian who lost their mind. I agree with your idea that the grandmother is a dishonest person, in most time of her life.

She lied to her family to get to the house she wanted. She said the Misfit is a good man when her life was in danger. Of course, this was also a lie. In the last moment of her life, when she was dizzy, she finally said what she truly believed. She only called the god when she needed help. Just like what you mentioned, her cry for help was more like a curse. I think the grandmother is the representative of those who did not truly grasp the spirit of the religion until the end of their lives.

Such a masterpiece Yifei! What you did is amazing! I agree with most of the points you made. However, there is one thing I recommend you to reconsider in your comment. I think this story has been over-interpreted. The reason why he murdered people is that grandmother recognizes him so that he has to kill her and her family. Anyway, you did a really fantastic job Yifei, and I learnt a lot from your comment. She considered herself as a traditional lady from the south, insisting the old-fashion delicate living habits.

But she was vainglorious, haranguing the wealthy gentleman courting her in the old days and felt pity for refusing him at that time. She was also selfish, lying about the secret panel in the plantation only because she wanted to pay a visit and her hidden cat cause the car accident. She was hypocritical. When she tried to sympathize the Misfit with God while the rest of the family had been killed, her comprehension of God was actually superficial and her words persuaded the Misfit were simply catering him, although she boasted herself as a faithful believer of God.

What actually sarcastic was that the only character somehow was traditional southern gentle was the Misfit himself. He was a controversial individual, since he remained the politeness of southern gentleman but a sense of blasphemy to god. He lived with a tort moral standard but his own sight of the God was meaningful and profound.

In this way, he was not a typical bad guy. To begin with, I appreciate some analysis you made on the personality of grandma; for example, she is selfish and hypocritical. From my perspective, instead, because she turns to god and prays, she gets redemption and becomes a goodness in the end. In addition, the points your made about the misfit make me confused. I suggest that you can explain more about those three points and the logic here in why is he being good because his view about god.

Every time, the meanings were different. The first and the second ones appeared in the conversation between the grandmother and Red Sammy when they were recalling the past times that you could leave your screen door opened directly and drawing the conclusion that a good man is hard to find nowadays.

Obviously, here, they defined goodness as reliability and friendliness. She has told Misfit that he is a good man three times in order to arouse his conscience inside and avoided being shot by him. Here, the grandmother mentioned it on purpose, and the definition of a good man simply changed into someone who would not hurt others. Lastly, Misfit said that the grandmother would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.

Here, the meanings of goodness became complicated. After being threatened by death, the grandmother started to treat Misfit as her own child and understand how to accept a person sincerely. She was not selfish and hypocritical any longer. The definition of goodness turned to selflessness and sincerity. Talking about the question that who are the good men in this passage, I think nearly no one was good enough. At the beginning, the grandmother kept trying to persuade her family to go to Tennessee, because she had some connections there.

Obviously, she was very selfish. When the grandmother asked Bailey to read the news, he did not respond. This showed that he did not respect others at all. Similarly, two children did not know how to love, because they satirized the grandmother by advising her to stay at home and made fun of the accident by saying that it was not interesting, since nobody was killed. Even though Misfit looked very polite, he killed this family eventually.

Overall, these main characters were all indifferent. Shiqi Zhang. And I think maybe the grandmother wants to go to Tennessee because this is a good way to avoid encountering The Misfit Also, she is strict with her dressing. In my opinion, the grandmother regards Red Sammy as a good person because they have the same standards of judging people.

The grandmother said Mr. Edgar Atkins Teagarden is a gentleman because he is good-looking and wealthy. Every character depicted in the story is not good. The main character grandmother is selfish and over-exaggerated, while her family members are impolite and indifferent. I believe the author is referring goodness with the soul of forgiveness and universal love toward every evil person in the world. This may tie into the Catholic belief of our sins and the theme of love, that every person has sins when born but can search for redemption when they encounter death.

However, I think more discussion is needed with some parts in your blog. It reflects how goodness is expected, defined and followed differently under complex human nature. For grandma, defining goodness, is an intuition, combining of characteristics that pleases people,. So people who made her happy, or fit her memory of happiness are good. The presence of Misfit represents evilness, but it also pbuilt up a sharp critique of the definition of goodness.

The threat he brought broken down the definition of grandmother and exposed her self-centered characteristic. Because religion identifies behaviors as good from its rules. I agree with your interpretation of the text to a very large extent. However, I actually have another interpretation on the point you made that the Misfit is the symbol for evilness.

From my perspective, the Misfit is more like a role of savior—not the one in common consensus. The Misfit clearly has his own set of belief of religion.


It was in his conversation with grandmother, grandma gradually puts aside the selfishness she once held, instead she reaches out her arms in eager of embracing the Misfit and recognizing him as one of her children, a symbol of human connection. I think that is why the Misfit is judged as evil but it is true because he kills a lot of people. Grandma educated the children that past people respected the elders more, and she also hoped that the children could pay attention to people who lived less than themselves—such as the black kid standing on the street.

Then, this story refers goodness as those who are kind and willing to help others. Standing in the position of grandma, she basically views both the Red Sam and Misfit as good people. Instead, She views those who own same belief with her as good people. Grandma hopes to persuade Misfit with religion, acting like a Christ-attached body, forgetting the threat of death in the end, which kind of shows a sense of ironic on people who are very crazy in religion. Furthermore, Liu makes a very clear structure in her paragraph. She also should check her grammar after writing her passage.

In consideration of the theme of religion, we can easily think of grandmother as a Christian, since she prays to God. The answer is no.

His words are more honest and impressive than those of the grandmother. Although this fiction is quite complicated for us to understand the religious theme, it actually fits within the discussion of religion. In addition, from the text, we can know that the relationship between Bailey and grandmother was not so harmonic. However, the cost of enlightenment was death. The way to get enlightenment may be full of violence and suffering. For people who are guilty, getting enlightenment from God needs more harsh costs such as death.

The thought of enlightment is unique that the grandmother used to live in her own belief and define the goodness in a superficial way. There are some interesting opinions made in the analytical article. For example, the cost of enlightenment from God and the way to enlightenment are things ignored by me when I read the original text. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be death. Otherwise, no one in the world has ever met the enlightenment in the world since the cost is death.

Besides, mentioning Bailey is another interesting point, while as far as I concern, he is not necessarily a main character in the original text and a Christian neither. In this way, analyzing him can be less convincing. From the early part of the passage, the Grandmother acts like a talkative, bragging, impolite, and inconsiderable person. Even the sires killer, or the criminal, Mr. Misfit acts more like a good man than she does—— he is decent, polite, and considerable.

Fitting in what we discussed in class about how should a good man looks like. However, what the Grandmother behaved at the end of her life should a qualified Christian maybe other religion? She keeps saying that Mr. Misfit is a good man with good heart, we could interpret her as manipulating right now trying to survive from the Mr. Misfit: implying him to be a good man and asking him to do good things.

We could also interpret her as trying to convince a bad man turn himself back and do good things to the word. Misfit, she reached her hands out called him as her son. Such a moment could be a demonstration of religious behavior and proved her as a qualified Christian. Later on, they have a car accident and meet Misfit.

Grandmother also says that Misfit is a good man in order to survive under his attack while she might never think in that way. From the passage, we can easily tell that the standard of a good man is defined by the grandmother whose family has been ruined by Misfit.

Is Red Sammy really a good guy? It is too childish to define him as a good man only because his helped someone in need. Is Misfit really a bad guy?

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He is such a courteous man with manners. When we meet someone talking like that, we will never relate that person to murderer or criminal. It seems that we cannot find an universal standard for a good man. The two main characters in the story have their own advantage and flaws. Grandmother was self-interest and hypocritical.

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However, her good side was that she knew to respect others and taught children to be respectful to the older and hometown which represents she had a very good education and manners. Both of them had a flaw. From our common sense, it is hard to define a person in a good manner or know how to respect others but was selfish and killed a lot of people as a good man. Nice job Zheyu, and you are a pure genius. I agree with your masterwork. Please allow me to add some points here humbly.

Actually, Mr. Misfit is not only a man with manner, but he is also a murderer with dark intentions. Everyone is two-sided, and all of us have dark intentions, but being civilized or having faith in some religion repressed those thoughts. In Brandeis, the best university in the world, you might have the impression that all people here behave politely with full respect to everyone.

In fact, we could stop struggling with whether Misfit is a good man or a bad guy, as he is same with us — all of us are same — having a good aspect and a bad one. Misfit is just a man that irresolute about his faith, and just aim to testify whether Jesus could save the grandmother, by killing her with 3 bullets. For example, Bailey acted brave when he was about to die. Also, no one shuddered and cried; nobody accused each other , no one begged the murderer to forgave them. The whole family died with self-respect which demonstrating their complete humanity. I really like the character — grandmother.

As for me, she is just a person who loves to exaggerate facts. In fact, She is almost the image of Eve as explained in the Bible. This Eve was old, exhausted, and tortured. That Eve in Bible lamented her regret for her evil and painful son, Cain; however, she was still relieved of Cain even when he mourned his brother. Under the strong impact of violence, she suddenly saw herself and saw the opposite of her.

She suddenly realized that she was not more noble than the fugitive. Her former superficial values were suddenly replaced by the big love. That moment hit his soul and may changed his life. In conclusion, I think the region belief of writer is included in the passage. I think the writer believes that there is continuation of life. However, the continuation of life refers not only to lives in the eternal sense, but also to the generations of human beings, including the time and space of people who are deeply affected by the deaths of other individuals. She writes a tragedy that happened to a family who plans to go to Georgia.

From the two paragraphs, I realize that Red Sam is actually a good man because he is helpful to people in trouble. And he wants to have a conversation with the little girl. P Although he receives an offensive reply, he is not mad at the girl and he still gives the family a good service.

Thus, I think he is the only good man in fiction. The grandmother is the other good man, though she takes the cat with her and has a bad memory on the road, which brings the family into danger. Thus, she still gets into the car the next morning because of her kindness and worries about the family. As soon as she recognizes The Misfit, she tries her best to remind him of his sympathy.

She has enough patience and courage to talk with a criminal and wants to use religion to change him. Her optimistic personality provided the gloomy family some happiness in the trip. Also, she behaved brave in extreme case.

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She alway tried to help her family. And when her dissuasion was ineffective, she faced the situation in a brand new way: she changed the view on the person in front of her. In other words, the muzzle inspired the goodness in her heart. When the moment time met with eternity, the goodness of her sparkled. However, I disagreed with her opinion about Red Sam is a good man.

He was only good for grandma, since they shared similar opinions. Also, red sam did not help his wife when there were a lot of dishes because he talked to grandma. From my perspective, the grandma may be the only fully good character in the end. Moreover, she thought Mr. Teagarden, who brought her a watermelon each weekend when she was young was a good man. The misfit saw himself as a villain, thus he kills people when he wants to, and the grandmother reflected herself as a lady by wearing fancy clothes and pray to god.

Nonetheless, they all think they are well behaved until they are threatened by the misfit. The story also contains the concept of religion. However, in their conversation, it seems like the misfit was the man who is really religious. This religion suspect implied that the author thought there was no real right or wrong, and violence was the only way to make people awake. I remember the day you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. The grandmother lives in a disharmonious but normal family, yet nobody in this family is a good person, including the grandmother herself.

She is selfish and hypocritical. Her son and daughter in law are indifferent. The Children are rude and disrespectful. Having totally different background from the family, the Misfit, who is generally defined as a bad dangerous person due to his crime, is relatively a good man, ironically. In the text, he responded to a cry for help from the family rather than be indifferent.

He used polite language rather than violence when he talked to the family. He spent time to talk with the grandmother rather than be impatient like the son.

He told the truth rather than pretended to be a good man. The protagonist, the grandmother defines Red Sammy and Misfit as good men. To illustrate, Red Sammy complains his life and just let his wife bring all food to the table. Misfit is a criminal and eventually kills the grandmother.

The grandmother always tries to live in a way that everything favors her opinions. For instance, while she wants to visit Tennessee or the house, she tries to convince everyone to be on her side. She is a selfish lady who has different standard of a good man. At almost the end, she starts to mention about praying in order to make Misfit to be mercy, then let her go. The grandmother has a distorted standard of evaluating a person as a good man.

I appreciate the god job that you did in this comment and I agree with your aspects. But it was the flaws that each one has made their image alive and vivid. I figured out that the Misfit has more profound understanding in his own belief while I was reading the fiction at the first time. Your comment provided me with further understanding of the fiction!

In the text, goodness is not an absolute concept, and it only exists at a certain time and under certain condition. From the perspective of Christianity, he used to be good because he promotes the spread of the faith. However, in the setting of the story, he is a cruel murderer. I did what Grandma did except dip snuff. I made biscuits, shelled lima beans, canned vegetables for the following winter, and learned how to sew.

When I was six-years-old, Grandma taught me how to turn a square piece of daisy-covered fabric into a gathered apron with a big bow in the back. At seven, we transformed a rectangular piece of floral cloth into a jumper with big ball buttons on the straps. At eight, we conquered the zipper. Without realizing it, my grandmother was being a Titus 2 woman. Grandma didn't leave me a sum of money when she passed away, but she left something much more valuable. God used her to show me that leaving an inheritance to our children is so much more than money in the bank, well-invested mutual funds, and valuable heirlooms.

It is leaving them memories of simple times together, showing them on how to become men and women of God, and leaving a legacy that causes them to "rise up and call you blessed. Let's Pray Dear Lord, help me to leave a godly heritage and invest love today that will multiply tomorrow.

Help me to always remember what is important—not money in the bank, but God in the heart. Help me to be the type of woman that we read about in Titus 2 who exemplifies what You desire. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Let's celebrate. Click over to my blog page and tell me the name of one woman who has been an example of a godly woman to you. More from the Girlfriends If you are a mother or grandmother, one of the most important things you can do is to pray for your children and grandchildren. I've created a small inexpensive laminated prayer card with Scripture to pray for children in the most important areas of their lives.

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