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"French Twist"

He interrupts a conversation with two morphine dealers who have worked with Bandi before and might be able to get a line on him. Crockett and Danielle finally give in to the building sexual tension between them, and spend the night together. Danielle has arranged for the morphine dealers from the hotel Sullivan and Lipton to meet with Bandi. Castillo is concerned that she neglected to inform him of this lead.

Sullivan and Lipton make contact with Bandi, but are interrupted by a knock on Bandi's hotel door. The bellman, Chuck, gives away the fact that Tubbs is in the hotel looking for him; Tubbs bursts into the room and pulls back the bed covers to find Chuck's dead body, while Bandi leaves, wearing Chuck's bellman uniform. Tubbs tells Crockett that Zolan told Danielle where to find Bandi, both hotel and room number, but she neglected to tell anyone.

Crockett is angry Danielle didn't mention her tip and asks her to leave his boat.

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Tubbs stops by Danielle's room and warns her that he knows who she is and will put the media on her case if she doesn't leave fast. Sullivan and Lipton a face-to-face meet with Bandi; Castillo tells Crockett to make sure to protect the two dealers. Tubbs gets Trudy's inquiry and finds Danielle is an international terrorist using INTERPOL as her cover; she was involved in the sinking of a Greenpeace boat the previous year, and the French intelligence agency wants Bandi dead because he's turned.

Bandi shows up for the deal, which is a rip off, but Crockett saves Sullivan from being shot by pushing him into the water. Bandi escapes over a rising drawbridge, with Tubbs in pursuit and Crockett some distance behind them. Danielle heads Bandi off and shoots him, saying he did some work for them before, but had a big mouth and would have talked.

I'll Always Have Paris…

Danielle then plans to kill Tubbs and plant the gun on Bandi, but Crockett reaches the top of the drawbridge and shoots Danielle. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Watch now. A working man brutally loses both his job and his wife. He suddenly discovers poverty and is thrown in the street where he will meet tramps who will help him recover what he has lost. Jean-Pierre, a frazzled sport agent, has better things to do than to look after his friend's labrador Didier. An amazing discovery will lead him off on an amazing adventure.

Francis, the boss of a small plumbing supply company, is harassed by tax collectors, striking employees, and an impossible wife and daughter. His only joy is sharing lunch with his friend The film discusses how to save a marriage when one is surrounded by heterosexual as well as homosexual people? Two babies are switched at birth. When the mistake is discovered 12 years later, it leads to complications in the lives of both families.

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One family is affluent, with dutiful and Bourdelle, a family of musicians, refuse to play for Germans during the war. They would like to liberate France using all possible means. Auntie Danielle, supposedly in ailing health but in reality just a nasty old bitch, lives with a paid housekeeper who she regularly abuses.

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When the housekeeper dies falling off a ladder, Now, with the Imitators Gala Night coming Lambert, a burned-out case, works the night shift at a gas station, rarely speaking, living alone, drinking. Bensoussan, raised in foster homes, now a small-time pusher for a bar owner Two friends, one a musician the other constantly depressed wander around Greece and France till they get to Paris without a penny to their name. Here they spend nights in the underground, The partners are back and are in a tight spot!

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Francois is going through a moral crisis, and Rene is experiencing the same. But, honesty is not always the best policy. After being suspended The Parisian broker Steph only needs the signature from his wife Patricia for their divorce - but she left 13 years ago for living with Amazonas indians.

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Steph finds her in the village and Undoubtedly, the smug real estate agent, family man, and father of one, Laurent, is a shameless philanderer. Under the nose of his beautiful but unhappy wife, Loli, the incurable womaniser never misses an opportunity to cheat on her, until one day, the cigarillo-smoking and very lesbian plumber, Marijo, sets foot in their house. Now, the stage looks set for the perfect revenge, and nothing can stand in the way of a woman scorned. Can Loli and Laurent survive the complications of having a stranger in their bedroom?

Written by Nick Riganas.

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  • Here's a film which is definitely outside the box for American audiences. French films are usually an acquired taste and this one is no exception. This is a delightful light comedy about a married couple whose life change upon the arrival of a butch lesbian to their lives. You don't have to be a genius to guess what's coming. Victoria Abril is delicious, playing the wife whose disenchantment of the married life leads her to explore a lesbian affair.

    What I liked in particular about this comedy, is that sexual orientation never becomes the main issue in the movie, and it's really secondary to the human relationships that develop in this bizarre triangle. The script could have been a little less linear, but the characters are well developed and well played. Overall, French twist is a fun light comedy which probably wouldn't raise an eyebrow in Europe but will need a very open minded audience in the US. Unfortunately we're not ready yet. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial.

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