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Check out our slideshow of facts about Fischer to learn more about her past, her career and some of her interesting links to other Hollywood stars prior to the actresses 43rd birthday on March 7th.

Jenna Fischer: The early years. Wayne Indiana. However, she spent most of her younger years growing up near St.

LDS Comedian Jenna Kim Jones Talks Faith, Family, and Fun in Stand-Up Comedy

Jenna Fischer's college years. She minored in journalism. Jenna Fischer's childhood friend. Fischer is childhood friends with Gilmore Girls actor Sean Gunn whom she met during an acting workshop taught by her mother. Jenna Fischer's early TV work. Jenna Fischer's 'Lollilove'.

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Jenna Fischer, meet Pam Beesly. The show went on to run for 9 seasons. The original 'Pam'.

Jenna Fischer's best friend. Jenna Fischer: Godmother. Fischer and former co-worker Angela Kinsey remain close friends to this day and Jenna is godmother to Angela's daughter. Jenna Fischer's movie roles. Success on television led to more movie roles.

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Jenna Fischer's music video. Fischer is one of many Hollywood stars to also appear in a music video. Jenna Fischer on stage. Jenna Fischer, athlete? Fischer appeared in a celebrity softball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis during All-Star Weekend in Jenna Fischer the spokesperson. Fischer has appeared as a spokesperson for Proactiv as well as the Wisconsin Milk Board.

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The husbands of Jenna Fischer. Fischer married director James Gunn in I can only play peek-a-boo on stage so long before I lose their interest ok that might be my cheesiest joke ever. I once ripped a pair of jeans on stage doing a cartwheel I no longer do cartwheels on stage. What is the cheesiest joke you like to tell? I believe there are actually six love languages: Receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, and Nacho Cheese Doritos. How did working on Meet the Mormons affect your life?

When I was approached to be in Meet the Mormons , I had no idea it would end up in movie theaters across the nation. I was part of something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Something I was really proud of! And most of all, I loved sharing it with my friends and colleagues of all backgrounds and faiths. I love being alone, but after I met my husband my definition of being alone changed. What advice do you have for Mormons pursuing comedy? Something I always try to remind myself is that comedy takes a lot of consistent work. I have to write, practice, and perform in order to keep my comedy muscle strong.

When I neglect it, it becomes weaker. So work hard on all of it! What do you want to be remembered for? I mean, I would love to be remembered as someone who made people laugh. That is literally what I try to do on a regular basis. But on a more serious note, I hope that I will be a good mom to my children.

I have two daughters. Before I had them, I was very nervous about being a parent, and now that I have them, I love them so much. I want them to have the world, and I hope so badly that I will be able to help them find joy in life.

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He had better be joking! He has no problem with me talking about our married life on stage; it takes a special person to be okay with that. Faith is what keeps us going into the great unknown called life. Life transitions--even the good ones--can be tricky business. Wagner - Many historic changes were announced during and leading up to the October general conference. In case you missed any, here's an overview of the adjustments and what they mean for your wards and families. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a historic policy change Wednesday morning allowing women and children to serve as witnesses during sacred ordinances.

These changes include: Any baptized member of the Church may serve as a witness of the baptism of a living person.

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He read an updated list of questions Church members will be asked when receiving a temple recommend. The new questions are below. These current updates clarify, but do not change, worthiness requirements to enter a temple.

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Holland Elder Terence M. Vinson Brother Stephen W. Owen Elder D. Renlund President Dallin H. Bednar Elder Ruben V. Alliaud President Russell M. Nelson Elder Quentin L.