Concerto Grosso Op. 3 No. 4 - Cello Solo

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The product you have selected is added to your basket. Continue shopping or enter your basket and complete your order. There was a rich courtly life as well as a great deal of music-making among the bourgeoisie. Just like Amsterdam, London was a hub of music publishers and instrument builders.

It was mainly the Italian composers who were successful there, especially Arcangelo Corelli. Although his oeuvre is limited to instrumental music and only has six opus numbers, his influence was considerable. Born in Halle, Germany, composer George Frideric Handel started in his hometown as an organist, and settled more or less permanently in London in By then he already had a career in Italy, where he was very successful as a young composer and kept company with the likes of Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti.

Handel saw himself primarily as a composer of vocal music. He had written several operas, which had been performed to much acclaim in Italy and Germany. His first opera, Almira, which has Italian as well as German arias and recitatives, was premiered as early as in Hamburg. In Italy he learned a great deal about opera from Alessandro Scarlatti, and audiences in that country were wildly enthusiastic about his operas.

In London, Handel built a true opera empire. He headed the Royal Academy of Music, an initiative of several wealthy royal opera lovers. The first years, Handel was the big musical attraction of London, and it seemed as if everything he touched turned into gold. Handel was also good at getting the best Italian sopranos and castrati to work with his company.

Javascript disabled. Site may not work as expected! Overview Reviews. George Frideric Handel - Concerto grosso in B flat, Op. Concerto grosso in G, Op. Concerto grosso in F, Op. Concerto grosso in D minor, Op. Concerto grosso in D, Op. Alcina, HWV Ariodante, HWV Ballet Music Selections. Ouverture: Adagio, Allegro, Alla Gavotta. Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner. Total Playing Time: CD 2: Rossini: String Sonatas. Gioacchino Rossini - String Sonata No. Allegro vivace. Allegro Vivace. Allegro spirituoso. Andante assai. Tempesta Allegro. Felix Mendelssohn - Octet in E-Flat Major, Op.

Allegro moderato, ma con fuoco. Scherzo Allegro leggierissimo. Luigi Boccherini - Cello Quintet, Op. Andante con moto. Rondo: Allegro con moto. Martin in the Fields. Igor Stravinsky - Pulcinella Concert Suite. Gavotta con due variazioni. Premier Tableau Prologue. Birth of Apollo. Second Tableau. Variation d'Apollon Apollon et les Muses. Pas d'action Apollo and the 3 Muses. Variation of Calliope the Alexandrine.

Variation of Polyhymnia. Variation of Terpsichore. Variation of Apollo. Pas de deux Apollo and Terpsichore. Andante Rapsodico. Allegro Capriccioso. John Ogdon, Academy of St. Richard Strauss - Metamorphosen for 23 Solo Strings, TrV Richard Wagner - Siegfried Idyll, WWV Heinrich Baermann. Adagio for clarinet and strings in D flat formerly attrib. Jack Brymer, Academy of St. Arnold Schoenberg - Antonio Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in E Major, Op. Allegro Danza pastorale.

Violin Concerto in G Minor, Op.

Allegro non molto - Allegro. Adagio - Presto - Adagio. Presto Tempo impetuoso d'estate. Violin Concerto in F Major, Op. Allegro Ballo, e canto de' villanelli. Adagio molto Ubriachi dormienti. Allegro La caccia. Violin Concerto in F Minor, Op. Allegro non molto. Alan Loveday, Academy of St. Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon Primi Toni no. Canzone prima a 5. Canzona a 8. Canzon prima a 4. Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky - Sonata Natalis. La Posta. Harmonia Romana. Sonata Tribus. Balletti pro Tabula. Adagio ma non troppo. Allegro ma non troppo. Symphony No.

Grave - Allegro. Allegro molto. Tempo di valse. Scherzo Vivace. Finale Allegro vivace. Edvard Grieg - Holberg Suite, Op. Sarabande Andante. Air Andante religioso. Rigaudon Allegro con brio. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Pezzo in forma di sonatina: Andante non troppo - Allegro moderato. Walzer: Moderato Tempo di valse. Finale Tema russo : Andante - Allegro con spirito. CD 9: Bach, J. Johann Sebastian Bach - Orchestral Suite No. Gavotte I-II. Menuet I-II. Passepied I-II.

Menuet - 7. William Bennett, Academy of St. Suite No. CD Mozart: Symphonies Nos. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Allegro con brio. Molto presto - 2. Andante - 3. Andantino grazioso. Allegro moderato. Allegro con spirito. Symphony in G Major K. Georges Bizet - Symphony in C, WD Allegro Allegro vivo. Andante Adagio. Scherzo Allegro vivace. Sergei Prokofiev - Classical Symphony. Gavotte: non troppo allegro. Finale: Molto vivace. Visions fugitives, Op. Arranged Rudolph Barshai Molto giocoso. Con eleganza. Allegretto tranquillo.

Con vivacita. Assai moderato. Arcangelo Corelli - Largo - Allegro. Grave - Andante Largo. Concerto grosso in C minor, Op. Grave - Vivace. Concerto grosso in D , Op. Adagio - Allegro. Adagio - Vivace. Allegro - Allegro. Adagio - Allegro - Adagio. Largo - Vivace. Vivace - Allegro - Adagio.

Andante Largo - Allegro. Concerto Grosso in G Minor, Op. Vivace - Grave - Allegro. Pastorale Largo. Preludio: Largo.


Allemande: Allegro. Corrente: Vivace. Gavotta: Allegro. Adagio - Minuetto: Vivace. Concerto grosso in C, Op. Preludio Andante largo. Allemanda Allegro. Minuetto Vivace. Preludio: Andante Largo. Allemanda: Allegro. Adagio - Andante largo - Sarabanda. Giga: Allegro. Concerto grosso In F Major, Op. Preludio: Adagio. Adagio - Sarabanda Vivace. Concerto No.

Largo e Cantabile.

Concerto for Four Violins and Cello in B Minor, Op. 3, No. 10 | work by Vivaldi |

Carmel Kaine, Academy of St. Allegro Assai. Grave e sempre piano. Allegro - Adagio - Presto. Allegro assai. Spirituoso e non presto. Georg Philipp Telemann - Don Quichotte - Suite. Le Reveil de Quixotte. Le Galope de Rosinante Le couche de Quixotte. Stephen Shingles, Academy of St. Overture in D Major for 2 oboes, 2 horns and strings. Ouverture maestoso - Allegro. Plainte - Rejouissance - Carillon.

Ouverture Grave - Allegro. Menuet - Gigue - Canarie. CD Ives: Symphony No. Samuel Barber - Adagio For Strings, Op. Charles Edward Ives - Old Folks Gatherin' Andante maestoso. Children's Day Allegro moderato. Communion Largo. Aaron Copland - Henry Cowell - Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. Celia Nicklin, Academy of St. Paul Creston - Andante tranquillo 3. Andante non troppo. Allegro 2. Pastorale, Op. Allegro tranquillo 2. Lento 3. October Fanfares, Op. Regatta Fanfares [Regatifanfaarid]. Suite from the ballet Joanna Tentata, Op. The All-possessed Nuns 2.

Round Dance 3. Chorale 4. Prayers and Passions 4a. Pastorale 5. Feasting People 6. Phantoms 7. Toccata, Op. Prelude 2. Scherzo 3. Violin Concerto. Symphonic Dances, Op. Allegro giocoso 2. Andante sostenuto 3. Reimer only 1st movement, arr. Prince Gabriel, Op. Introduction 2. Burlesque 3. Amoroso 4. Scene and Wedding March 5. Nighttime Attack 6. Prelude and Metamorphosis, Op. Created after the "Theses of Happiness" written by Eino Tamberg and his friends.

Journey for Strings, Op. Walk with Wind Instruments, Op. Allegro moderato. Adagio 3. Flute Concerto, Op. Restlessness Allegro 3. Musica Triste Op. Allegro moderato 2. Andante con anima 3. Sentimental Journey with Clarinet, Op. Enterings 2. Restlessness 3. Glass Light 4. Waltz Rised Out of Memories 5. Bassoon Concerto, Op. Vivo 2. Interludio — La danza irrequieto Restless Dancing. Allegro irrequieto 3. Solo Alone. Lento 4. Postludio — Perpetuo moto It Moves Again.

Saxophone Concerto, Op. Allegretto galante 2. Con moto 3. Concertino for Trumpet and Wind Instruments, Op. Music for Trumpet and String Orchestra, Op. Dialog 2. Rondo 4. Aria 5.

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Sonatine 6. Postlude trumpet, string orchestra CD "Eino Tamberg. Trumpet Concertos" Spiel, Op. Trumpet Concerto No. Trumpet Concerto No 2, 4th mov. Preludium I. Pianissimo 2.

They spoke about it

Preludium II. Mit Trommelschlag 3. Preludium III. Tuba Concerto, Op. Preludio 2.

Concerto for Four Violins and Cello in B Minor, Op. 3, No. 10

Interludio 4. Percussioni 5. Violin's Plays With Orchestra, Op. Violin Concerto, Op. Con moto 2. Larghetto 3. Cello Concerto, Op. Mini-Concerto for Children, Op. Soli e Tutti, Op. A Play with Bass Drum, Op. Werke estnischer Komponisten", Eres Trumpet Music, Op. Allegro molto 2. Andante con moto 3. Allegretto 4.

Andante semplice 5. Allegro 6. Dialogues for Violoncello and Piano, Op. Farewell, Op. Hoots, Op. Improvisation, Toccata and Postlude, Op. Music for Oboe, Op. Dialogue for solo oboe 2. Prelude 3. Rondo, Op. Folk Tune [Rahvaviis]. Allegro" piano or piano in four hands Manuscript. Journey with Cello and Percussion, Op. Sonata, Op. Largo 3. Non-stop and Postlude for Four, Op. The original impetus of the piece was constant, incessant motion.

At first there was only the first movement of the piece, the non-stop part. To bring variety to the motion, I added percussion to the two pianos. When it was completed, it seemed somehow oppressive, the motion took on a threatening character. And so I added a postlude to the work, to serve as a consolation, a relief after all the motion. Piano Quartet, Op. Vivo impetuoso 2. Motus, Op. String Quartet No.

Allegro quasi allegretto 2. Andantino scherzando e un poco rubato 4. Play for Five in Four Acts, Op. Play for Five in Four Acts: Entrances. Agitato 3. Largo 4. Death of Alto. Tender Farewell. Music for Five, Op. Waiting, Op. Ferocheb, J. Wind Quintet No. Herding Call. Watch at Night Herding. Moderato 3. Calling the Cattle Home. Andante 4.

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Allegretto 2. Tuba Meats Harp, Op. Dancing with Tuba, Op. Desiderium Concordiae, Op. Caprice [Kapriis]. Partita, Op. Allegro leggiero quasi pizzicato 2. Sarabande and Interlude.

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  • Handel, Georg Frederic (Dishinger) Allegro, from Concerto Grosso, op 3, no 4.

Grave 3. Andante cantabile 4. Allegro 5. Cantus firmus. Moderato 9' piano Manuscript. Sonatine in A minor, Op. Moderato molto Allegro ma non troppo 2. Andate quasi adagio 3. Four Pieces [Neli pala]. Greeting 2. Night Song 3. Lullaby I 4. Lullaby II piano Manuscript. Dream [Unistus]. Moon Is Floating in the Clowds [Kuu ujub pilvedes].

Nocturne [Nokturn]. Two Folk Tunes [Kaks rahvaviisi]. Andantino rubato piano Manuscript. Getting Under Way 2. The Viru Oath 4. Our Daily Bread 5. Discovering the World, Op. Bread Cantata, Op. The Bread Cantata was written in memory of Olev Rahuoja, the former chairman of the Lenin collective farm in Haapsalu region, a man about my age. I only knew him for years — heart disease took him unexpectedly as it does many who do their work with soul and conscience.

But he was a philosopher and poet in his soul. He had a sensibility for the deepest human values and meaning as well as that of the land, nature, and daily bread. My conversations with him made me a bit better and wiser. To Be Like a Field 2. Something in Us Has Changed 3. Ballad of a Soldier, Op. Home-Coming [Kojutulek].

Alma Mater, Op. Amores, Op. And Suddenly It's Evening S. Quasimodo, G. Catullus, Sappho, E. Veveris 2. Dance G. Maurer 3. Song of Songs 4. Tagore, K. Ligi, J. Aleixandre, A. Kaalep, H. Heine 5. Blocked Windows Z. Rab 6. Vala, V. Luik 7. Everything Is So Fragile E. Veveris, G. To the Music, Op. Allegro non troppo 3. Victory Fanfares, Op. For the Liberty of the Nation, Op. For the Liberty of the Nation. Revolution 2. Lullaby 3. Demonstration 4. Monologue in the Prison. Anthology of the Love, Op. Honour and Shame. Armastust miski ei pea.

Louise Labe — Veel suudlusi! Veel, veel ja ikka veel! Paul Fleming — Suule, suule sedamaid, nii otse hinge suudled vaid! Louise Labe Veel suudlusi! Uusi suudlusi nurun. Matthias Claudius Armastust miski ei pea. Tuleneel su silmades viib mu viimseni. Kuidas oigab viiul! Sina, metsik!