Bible Cheat Codes

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You can wind back the years and throw the HD remake out the window - 2D Spyro is the way forward. Fancy giving it a whirl?

Bible Cheat Codes

You'll probably feel pretty happy with yourself once you've done it, too, so why not pay tribute to yours and Spyro's egos by increasing the size of his head? You might be able to see a slight trend taking place - each code ends in circle. As said, not all Spyro cheat codes will work, and it seems like ones which don't require you to click circle AKA the exit pause button throughout the sequence are the only codes still accessible.

The Bible Game Cheats and Cheat Codes, Gameboy Advance

That being said, you can turn him black, red, green, blue, yellow, more purple, and pink, so what more could you want? You can find how to activate each colour right here. Our personal favourite from the original games was the Squid Skateboard, but unfortunately that cheat doesn't work in I know I need it.

You can view them all in this nifty video:. For AMA rules, click here.

A neat bible quotation and Cheat Code i found hidden in a drawer. Some serious detail there RDR2!

Turn Spyro Red, Yellow, Blue, Big Headed Or 2D With Reignited Trilogy Cheat Codes

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This Bible Quest #1 Bible Game Cheat for free purchases:

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