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This is, naturally, planned as a movie series. Ursula K. A movie is intended. Cancelled by UPN. Fans have an organized effort under- way to save it with a very active website www. Enterprise will begin in local TV rerun syndication this fall. Fox does not plan to go forward with the series, but apparently will air the six second season episodes that were produced.

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But when? Ratings are severely down from last season, so its renewal is uncertain. Hey, rube! Clancy Brown preaches his view on page Will air Wednesdays, 9 p. They bow in syndication 10 days later. Is Adama Olmos a Cylon? Low fuel supplies lead to desperate measures. Richard Hatch returns as Tom Zarek. Scripted by Ronald D.

Moore, story by David Eick, direct- ed by Michael Rymer. Mary McDonnell gives a presidential interview on page Monster hit cer- tain to be renewed for next year. So, NBC has ordered three more shows, giving the series a episode first season. NBC has also already renewed the series for a full episode second season. Ratings are iffy. Co-cre- ator Marti Noxon dis- cusses the show on page A irs Sundays on the WB. Its future is uncer- tain, but is expected to be known by early March.

The producers shopped it to other outlets, but had no tak- ers. Move along. New sister show American Dad which previewed after the Super Bowl begins its regular run the same night, airing Sundays, p. Gigi Edgley discusses her Farscape role on page Likely to be cancelled. In ratings decline in its tough time slot opposite Lost and American Idol , but likely to be renewed. The Wraith attack on Atlantis begins. A second season 20 episodes starts lensing this month for a summer premiere. Avatar will publish a comic book spin-off beginning this summer.

Rachel Luttrell discusses being a resident alien on page Note: Airdates can shift without notice. Airtimes are EST. In We produced the original helmets www. But can she succeed when her heart has doubts? As always, Norton and McConchie give readers solid characterization and likable heroes in a well-told story. Both those famil- iar with Witch World and the uninitiated will quickly feel at home. Destroyer occupies mid- dle ground. As always when entering Sanctuary, one should prepare for the worst.

In an attempt to prove her worth to her employers, she accepts an audit assign- ment at a deep-space mining colony. With one eye on potential rivals and enemies, and the other on getting her assignment done without get- ting fired, CC has her hands full. On the plus side, though, Shwartz populates her novel with characters who are worth cheering for, so the reader anxiously follows the exploits of CC and company to the end.

In an undetermined future, mankind has become a myth, and a terraformed Mars is inhabited by human-sized, intelligent, upright-walking felines. Haydn of Mars is fun, breezy and not very serious. Sarrantonio has fun playing with the well-worn Edgar Rice Burroughs templates, and knows how to communicate that to the reader. This novel should be filed between C. In the past. To thwart this effort, Pastplor — the Office for the Exploration of the Past — is established.

Under the leadership of the ruthless Gen- eral Yamashita, the agents of Pastplor travel through time in order to protect what has been accepted as the normal scheme of events. But Hastings Maks, a Pastplor timesurfer, becomes enamored of the past H and wants to escape to it. Such a move, however, would result in his being hunted by his fellow agents.

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An interesting plot buoy- ed by an equally compelling future setting. Crux is actual- ly a collection of smaller works woven into a larger frame. No one knoua uitio 3unt it. Far Kei Kurano, killti J in a horrifyinQ bubuay accidant. For if Kai anil hia falloy rcaurrectaaa fail in the brutal "gamaa" which the Gantz assigna them, they will all die. Other extras include a minute alter- nate opening, other deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes til --T-. The Incredibles hits home video March Did you hear?

You Know Who, decides to return with him to America and battle baddies. Cramer and others. Well, you get the idea. Six of the seven features boast audio commentary by legendary exploitation producer David F. Cesarean, a plastic surgeon who gives unsuspecting women explosive implants; Cheapo, a fru- gal villain whose henchmen must share a gun; and Pushy Galore, a former genetic physicist who breeds animals with designer logos on their skin. Continuing with the campy titles Draculal Presumably the Barbys, although perhaps not in a flick by sleazemeister Jess Franco, and co-starring his wife Lina Romay as the director of the Transylvania Office of Tourism.

Before we begin, though, a quiz: When confronted with evil, who would Americans want on their side? This department guessed that in it would be Spi- der-Man, given the success of his recent movies, but according to a new Harris poU, Superman wins with a whopping 46 percent of the vote.

For the same price, fans of a certain time-trav- el series will have a third chance to bring home their favorite show when Quantum Leap: Season Three arrives May 10, also from the Big U. You never heard of a talking horse? Combining action and Bond-ian spy gadgets, the six-episode season! Barrie, the man behind Peter Pan, in this sorta fact-based sorta not , multi-Oscar-nominated romantic tale co- starring Kate 'Winslet. Brian Keith. Jake Gyllenhaal and his friends, obsessed with rockets in the Sputnik era and committed to building their own.

Tht wins'-iiit Australian act- rtss, wh! I hail to do the wh ile scene with half a wiii over my face. When I sev Chiana in tlu mini-series , I still think. SF pnijects. It's by Sarah Kaiie, a controversial English playwright who has written many amaz- ing plays. The play is extraMrdin. It has stirred up many emo- tions in iK'th the audUnee and the cast. Kdgley r. I actually was thinking the other day. When we first arrived back on the Set.

I was tired but really I excited; I felt like a school holiday was com-. It was weird, because we were shoot- ing out of order, so we had already filmed the last episode. I think if we had known what was going to happen, it would have been a very different finale. For the mini-seiies, Chiana's old rbswere rcpiacc-d with a fresh pair of peepers. That was a really cool adventure, and then I returned to Sydney and did a short film before flying back to the States for a convention in Burbank.

I also got to see Rygel, Moya and Pilot again, and that was really cool, too. Surprisingly, that moving moment came together at the last minute. The actress is somewhat less pleased with the sequence in which a reluctant Chi- ana has to help Aeryn deliver her baby in a fountain, with a citywide battle raging around them. That was very intense, but I was so glad that I had a big piece of meat to chew on.

That was a good day for me. That scene was pretty special. It would be cool to have the time and money to spend on a feature and give Farscape fans and everybody who has been involved one final show. Absolutely no ads accepted after the deadline. Camera-ready only! Box , ST. Louis, MO Animated Godzilla. Young Jules Verne. Complete Babylon 5 Episode Guide. Order NOW. Conroy, John Cope- Writing Trek. S6 land. The Sentinel Epi- sode Guide. Carrie Dobro, Jason Roswell. Carter, Alan Scarfe, Beastmaster. Black First Wave creator Scorpion. The Others.

Starship Troopers FX. S7 Guides. Receiving duplicates? I Subscription questions? Box Mt. Inquiries to editorial offices only delay matters. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. F or me, personally. The Jacket was a chance to play a charac- ter who was entirely different from anyone I had ever played before, and to really explore com- pletely different emotions, like loneliness and depression.

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  8. Marine sergeant who returns home to Vermont in after a near-death experience during the Gulf War that has left him an amnesiac. Months later, while hitchhiking. Jack stumbles upon Jean Kelly Lynch and Jackie Price Laura Marano — a drunk- en mother and her young daughter — whose truck has broken down. After helping them. Becker Kris Kristofferson employs some very unorthodox methods in an effort to treat Jack. Those methods include pumping Jack full of mind-altering drugs, wrapping him in a straitjacket, strapping him down on a board and sliding him into a morgue drawer.

    There, he meets Jackie now played by Knightley , who has grown up to become a haggard, hard- drinking waitress and loner. With assistance from Dr. Lorenson Jennifer Jason Leigh — a more sympathetic figure at Alpine Grove — the two lost souls proceed to piece together the puzzle that is their past, their present connection and their possible future together. Jackie is on the brink of total destruction when Jack finds her, and he pulls her out of that, just as she helps him.

    Apart from her mother, really, Jackie has never had to think about anybody else. But since her mother died, she has only thought about herself. She also appears nude in the film, engaging in a memorable love scene with Brody. Knightley says she overcame any concerns about going starkers because the film demanded such a sequence — a cathartic release in which two loners reach out to one another.

    More challenging, the actress reveals, was nailing an American accent. Doing that helped me create the character from the very beginning. I got the voice and went from there. I also liked playing emotions that people normally run away from. We all strive to not let depression, loneliness or unhappiness overwhelm us, so it was great to look at those feelings and actually face them, go through them and try to pull something creative out of them. And John is a fantastic director. When you watch a piece of work like that, you know the guy is at least an artist, if not a genius.

    And on The Jacket, John was hugely creative and inspiring. The Hole cast her as Frankie, who, along with a. I was I loved The Hole. She was really cool, as were the two guys, Laurence Fox and Desmond Harrington. That was intrigu- ing to me because it tried to ground a fairy tale in reality, which is always fascinating. So it was a great time. I would like to do more swash- buckling.

    It could potentially be a year of work. That much is true, but then we go off into fiction and a very, very fast and furious drug, sex and violence-riddled Tony Scott film. It should be amazing. Not a typical damsel in distress, Knightley held her own with Geoffrey Rush and his fellow Pirates. So why did the mere opportunity to be on Battlestar Galactica bring a different reaction to the esteemed actress?

    I asked my agents if anyone had read the script yet, and they said it was on its way over. After I got it, I brought it home and read it — and I loved it, much to my surprise. It was exciting to see this woman who is thrust into power and seem- ingly unprepared for it. Interestingly, there were members of Congress in line of succession to take the Presidential position before Roslin, but they were all killed in the attack. That underlines just how far Roslin was from being selected as President.

    Once sworn in, she realizes that engaging the Cylons in warfare is a lost cause. Instead, she presses for the survival of the last 50, people of the 12 Colonies, and Commander Adama Edward James Olmos reluctantly agrees, ordering the Galactica and remaining ships to escape. And as we were growing up, things began to change. I fortunately was raised in a family of strong women, but a great deal of my peers were not ready to be in the work world or ready to be Presidents or heads of companies.

    So the story was very relevant to me as this middle-aged woman steps into a position of leadership. Apollo Jamie Bamber and Starbuck Katee Sackhoff leadership has been difficult for President are two of the younger recruits aboard the starship. Rosiin, who is battling her own heaith problems.

    Now, President Roslin has to collide with the rigid thinking of tactical warfare, which is entirely new for her. How does McDonnell feel about playing a character who may have only a short time to live? But, at first, the prospect of playing a fatal illness for an extended period of time concerned me because I do believe in mental imagery. It allows Laura to more easily make life-and-death decisions. I knew I could play her for a long time and that she would be a fighter and not fatalistic. It became an interesting, fun part. Roslin adds the precious new life to the tally board of survivors on the wall, turns around and qui- etly smiles.

    The series also shows how quickly the citizens of the 12 Colonies lost almost every- thing they had to war. And for me, Battlestar reflects these issues that are happening in our world. I just adore it. But we have a great rela- tionship, we have complete trust in each other and we can risk that kind of intensity. There are moments, given their responsibili- ties, where they have a great appreciation for each other. But for them to become involved would be too risky. Allowing herself to get emotionally involved with anyone would be way too risky for President Roslin, especially with a guy whom she has to keep her eye on.

    The veteran performer lends honesty, authenticity and integrity to her Battlestar role. I find that, philo- sophically, to be a nightmare. I mean, if we are to survive as a species, one must kill? But our planet. Earth, and certainly the reality of Battlestar Galactica, has not moved beyond that. And the notion of the aliens appearing like us [the Cylons disguise them- selves as humans to infiltrate the Galactica] is wonderfully complex. I love that as an allegory; That what we find to be alien is, on some level, really ourselves.

    Rumor has it that one day, McDonnell found herself lost inside the maze-like Galactica soundstage. They called lunch, and I started walking toward the door, and before I knew it, I was all by myself in another corridor on the Galactica. I know where I am. I am in a soundstage in Vancouver.

    I kept walking and walking, and then I went upstairs and somehow got myself into the main control room and tried to figure my way out. I final- ly found an exit door that came out on the other side of the soundstage — it led into an empty parking lot. The sets are so realistic and brilliant that I truly learned how it would feel to be lost on a real spaceship. We drove onto this street where dead palm trees were on the ground, houses were burn- ing and things were caved into each other, and I was stunned.

    I had basically walked right into apocalyptic Los Angeles. It took my breath away. But it was a lot of fun to shoot, and I loved working with Bill Pullman, who played the President. When I saw Independence Day, I was over- whelmed. She is, in fact, quite human. The term derives more from attitude than appearance, perspective not physique. Watching Teyla, one gets the impression of a great power, a person who operates on some higher plain of understanding, a Zen-like warrior monk who is attuned to the land, sensitive to spiritual matters and remarkably pragmatic and calm in the face of grave dan- ger.

    Her fighting style is smooth and focused, and her senses are more acute than even those of the trained military personnel aboard Atlantis. That she has these fighting capabilities is just something that enhances her ability to protect her peo- ple. Her physical prowess adds to the fact that she has become an adept fighter, but it also comes from heavy discipline. But I have this capability to tap into thought and use it to help us.

    I find out where my people are from, their origins, the origin of this gift that has been passed down through my lineage and what it means. She is, if you will, more earthy. My grandmother tapped into a psychic world in the village, and my grandfather was a healer. He knew how to use the plants and herbs of the region to heal and how to pose a threat, so he was feared and respected.

    That was very much a part of my early develop- ment. Some of the devices we find on the show are interesting and cool, but how does that advance you on a human level? Like Teyla, Luttrell can relate to the feeling of being an outsider. Elizabeth Weir Torri Higginson. We have a scene in the season finale, which [director] Martin Wood, God bless him, added to the script. The Genii, it turns out, are anything but benign. Teyla brings her friends from Atlantis, and suddenly the Genii turn on them.

    She feels a little guilty about that. Teyla prides herself on intuitive- ly being able to get a perspective on people, but obviously she was wrong about them. During the mission, however, things go terribly wrong and a Genii soldier is killed. Teyla is left with the blame. Teyla tries her best to help as many people as pos- sible, but that Genii soldier was endangering everyone and showed himself to be dishon- orable. In a way, he got what he deserved. It makes it easier for me to memorize [the moves].

    A piece of wood came flying toward me and cut my head. My first encounter with Stargate was the movie. I was blown away by the concept and the whole notion of going to other worlds. But it was another SF world that tmly captivated her young imagination. I ftilly believed it. There was no doubt in my mind. I jjist love the science fiction universe.

    The effect, says Luttrell, is still intense. The Wraith are getting scarier and scari- er. These bizarre tattoos have been added to their faces. The other day, I saw an actor [made up as] one of the male Wraiths, and he looked terrifying. Our actors do such an amazing job, as do the wardrobe and costume people. The Wraith are imposing figures. Teyla seems to be no exception. But she has a lot of dignity and com- passion. I have my own ideas, but I would love to see that on the screen.

    I want to know more about her father, because that would help to shape who Teyla is in an immense way. I really want to learn the rich lore of her peo- ple and how that [molded] who she is. She feels she has a better chance of beating them if she allies herself with the people from Atlantis. That represents great hope and great possibility.

    Teyla knows that her peo- ple are safe. She had com- missioned another writer, John. Mcl,au:;hlin, to write the script, and aUer a ciruple of passes, she asked if I would come in and help out on it. The nunilier-one thine w. Kvcryliody in this town of H'int HIcasant has a similar ci nflict. G Xjc 1 and tvil? It just so hap. Vubrvy Dollar , a teen who guickly befriends Christina and invites Christina to live with her family. Well-publicized debut, the show's ride to the- airwaves was a bumpy one.

    The Devil, as they say, was in the details. It's a tricky concept. Usually, the main character is Iry in;- to save people — and Christina is. Marti Noxon's I latest pr : ject is i Point Pleasant. People tend to do his bidding. And talking specifically about Christina, the simplest way to explain the concept is that the evil powers-that-be believe if she becomes disap- pointed enough by humankind, if she loses faith in humanity, then she will go to her dark side and stay there.

    Once we did that. Fox realized how Point Pleasant could func- tion, and here we are. She comes to believe that the Kramers, who care about her, may be the only thing that can save her. Father Thomas [Marcus Coloma], a young, unconventional priest who works at the local church. They investigate the mysteries together. We needed someone whom Christina could go to for guidance, so in a way Father Thomas is like a young Giles [from Buffy]. We also explore how aU of this is affecting the town.

    Noxon wrote and executive- produced the show, which never aired. Still, it seems ready for a brief cable afterlife.

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    6. One of the things we did in the second episode was to define Christina and define the show by bringing in more of the Boyd character, who works for the bad guys and is quite a bit darker than Christina. Boyd tries to make Christina embrace who she is and what she can be. We made Boyd the puppet master and someone tangible whom it completely straight.

      Those [sort of shows] are so familiar, and as much as you want to put a spin on them and avoid cliches, I found myself beating my head against the wall to bring fresh eyes to love, romance, heartbreak, family problems and all that stuff. I actually enjoy the super- natural because you can use it to comment on the problems that people face in real life without being so on the nose about it.

      Still Life was very challenging; I was unable to bring in metaphors or spooky stuff to exter- nalize the things that go on inside of people. We still mourn for Still Life. To be honest, it felt more like a WB show or maybe something on one of the other networks. Still Life was a little too dark, and the pace That was tough, because we put so much into it, but hopefully Still Life will be shown on some cable chaimel for TV series that only got a few episodes.

      Two years after UPN put a stake in it, Noxon still feels phantom pains. Programs like that seem to be working lately. Still Life. Unfortunately, the network never aired the pilot — despite making it available to critics as part of a preview tape package — or the six subsequent episodes that were shot and com- pleted. The show was supematural-esque — as opposed to a pure fantasy offering — and some people referred to it as My So-Called Afterlife.

      Bryce Johnson starred as Jake Morgan, a young man killed on his first day of duty as a police officer. We had such a good experience as a team. But, to be perfectly honest, I was sort of tapped out on vampires. For the and-however-many episodes I was there, I think everyone felt that we had told all the stories that we could. It was a very hard thing to judge, the last show, because we were all so close to it. I formd the finale extremely emotional, and it definitely moved me and said what it needed to say. It was the final word, which was great. I feel like we got to do that without making Buffy an exercise in earnestness.

      Foiled Ediii vje Takei. Co-creator Taylor. Special Offer Complete Sets: Include shipping cost indicated. Your Daytime Phone : 17 Russ. Wang, Hirogei. Martha Seska Hackett. Ed Begley Jr. New gatefold format. Kurtwood Sms -ny de Longis. Writer Bryan Fi asters: Mulgrew. Ryan, Philo.

      Virginia Madsen. Cnniplute v"ut cotlectioii nr. E -c h'. Wfitofr N'r -n Sh? Posters: U. Felecia M. Art of DS9. Interview: Westmore. Nana Visitor. Ten Farrell. Armin Shimerman. Posters: Rene misaia. Posters: Brooks, cast. Posters: Dorn, Farrell, iviola. Shimerman, Auberjonois. Philip '? Posters: Brooks, Visitor, Siddig. Orson Welles turned an H.

      #34 The Improbable Jew

      Wells novel about its invasion of Earth into a radio drama that sparked national hysteria. More than 40 attempts have been made to send unmanned spacecraft to investigate it. And some fdms have been made about it — alternately speculating about whether this mys- terious red planet is friend or foe. Simulating actual space flight conditions, hazards and the requisite g-forces that accompany in-flight maneuvers, riders are treated to a tossing, turning, spinning and twisting experience that might make one re-think the decision to have a big lunch before- hand.

      Sue Bryan and Bob Zalk are responsible for devising con- cepts for new attractions and seeing them from the design and concept phas- es through installation. Before Mission: Space, Bryan was a show producer on the revamped Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold and a concept designer on the DisneyQuest project, where she was involved in the early design stages of numerous interactive, multi-player games encompassing action, exploration and creative activities.

      Zalk is a year veteran of WDI. It took some time to do that! Mission: Space is built on existing prin- ciples of centrifuge technology which help generate the true-to-life sensation of a vertical launch. Mission: Space is more than just an indoor motion-simulator ride. Disney officials insist that the actual g-forces riders experi- ence are less than the 3Gs a conventional rollercoaster produces. The views of Earth and Mars that guests see from their capsule window are computer- generated images created from data provided by actual satellites and orbiting spacecraft such as Mars Odyssey and Global Surveyor, fur- ther reinforcing the realism of the experience.

      Through a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing tech- niques culled from several sources, Imagineers combined ultra- lightweight carbon fiber materials with airplane wing construction techniques and integrated these components into the capsule itself. The booming launch sounds, for example, are provided by a stereo woofer built right into the back of the capsule. In addition, 30 motion-control on-board computers manage the altitude during flight, and a show-control computer operates the interactive func- tions within each capsule.

      One of the biggest challenges the Imagineers faced as the attrac- tion began to take shape and move from concept to reality was the seamless blending of aerospace technology and science fact with a relevant space story containing elements of science fiction. So there were real guidelines we had to follow throughout the process, from a storytelling creative standpoint as well as working with the technology.

      Huge spheres representing Earth, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon dominate the plaza. Completing the effect is majestic and evocative background music composed by one-time Yes band member Trevor Rabin, now a prolific composer of motion picture scores. The combination of interplanetary sights and sounds prepares park guests for an out-of-this- world experience.

      Mission: Space combines elements of what astronauts actually undergo during train- ing. This includes understanding and learning to use the spacecraft; familiarization with specific roles on an astronaut team; shuttle sim- ulations of a launch, approach and landing; visual simulations of space; and computer-generated sound simulations of the craft and Mission Control. Park guests prepare for an intense training session from actor Gary Sinise, suggesting his Mission to Mars role. Thirty-five feet in diameter, it features cutaway views of living areas in a habitat designed for space travel, including an exer- cise area, offices and sleeping cubicles.

      Keen observers will note the Horizons emblem in the center of the wheel, a subtle homage to the former attraction at this site. On loan from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and hovering overhead, is an actu- al Lunar Rover, the final unit built for use by Apollo mission astro- nauts. The vehicle provides another touch of authenticity for the sur- roundings, and is a nice counterpoint to the speculative and futuristic Gravity Wheel. As guests leave the Space Simulation Lab and continue along the corridor leading to their capsules, they encounter plaques marking great moments in space flight: from , when Yuri Gargarin became the first man in space, to the first family in space in the year , and the first deep-space mission aboard the X-2 in Monitors showing video of prior partici- pants enjoying the ride and the actual ride-control monitoring rooms which mn the show line the Training Operations Room, the hub of activity for training sessions in progress.

      Ready Room crew positions include Pilot, Commander, Navigator and Engineer, each responsible for specific tasks during the flight which will be prompted for action by CapCom Capsule Communicator Sinise via video transmis- sion from Mission Control. Here, the ISTC trainees meet their CapCom again, where they are briefed one final time before entering their capsules.

      Concerns about long queues prompted Disney to apply their FastPass guaranteed riding time option to speed things along. Once strapped into position behind the respective flight panel Plaques marking Great Moments in Space Travel line the walls of the attraction Like this one comme- morating the first X-2 deep- space mission in It features cutaway views of living areas designed for space travel. Inside the capsule, riders work together to complete their assignment.

      Throughout the ride, the synchronization of the action on the video monitors with the extra pushes of gravity and other physical sensations heighten the illusion of space flight from liftoff to landing. If the com- puter needs to initiate a system for the guest, the capsule response is similar, but not exactly the same. XWE Universe Earthly Concerns Their mission complete, the successful ISTC trainees emerge from their capsules and proceed — sometimes staggering after their wild ride — down a long, winding hallway which empties into the Mission: Space post-show area.

      The combination of games and interactive and sometimes educational activities promises something for everyone. In Space Race — a large-scale space- themed version of the traditional horse race amusement arcade game — two teams, each made up of both astro- nauts and ground control personnel, compete against each other in a race to - send their rocket from Mars back to Earth. Nearly 60 people can play the high-energy game at one time right in the Advanced Training Lab and, in a nice hi-tech twist, thousands more can participate through the Internet at www. Space Base is designed for junior astronauts.

      Postcards from Space lets guests create and e-mail a video of themselves, with their choice of space-themed backgrounds and animations. Creating a first-of-its kind attraction that would combine unique aerospace technology with classic Disney storytelling presented a daunting task and intimidating technical challenges to WDI.

      They found the answers in consultations with space pro- fessionals, and a dramatic storyline inviting guests to explore a new world: Mars. They personally experi- enced astronaut and pilot training simulators at facilities throughout the United States. This in-depth, hands-on research enabled devel- opment of a training process for the attraction that combines ele- ments of what astronauts really undergo while incorporating specu- lation of how that process may change in the future.

      Mission: Space is so uniquely EPCOT in the educational sense that, despite its popularity, it might not lend itself to development at other Disney parks as some more mainstream attractions have in the past. Many of our attractions are so popular that we look for ways to share them with more guests in other Disney parks throughout the world.

      Utilizing technologies developed for the American space program and building upon the ideas scientists are just now formu- lating for future space travel. Mission: Space provides a unique glimpse into our future and the promise it holds to finally touch the face of Mars. With the President himself extolling the virtues of a manned flight to the red planet, it is a future quite possibly closer than anyone might think.

      For now, a trip to Florida and some time spent at Mission: Space is as good as it gets. At the Advanced Training Lab, you can piay Space Race — a space-themed version of the traditionai horse-race amusement arcade game. Junior astronauts wiii enjoy Space Base, where they can ciimb, jump and expiore in a gaiactic piay area.

      Visiting Florida? A Disney World devotee? Or are you simply a space fanatic? Well, if you go. Mission: Space is the perfect place for an exciting expedition to the angry red planet. A stronomer Ellie Arroway reclined on the hood of her old convertible and closed her eyes, listening to the static in her headphones. Behind Ellie, dwarfing her like a star dwarfs its planets, a massive dish-shaped radio telescope probed the deepening sky over New Mexico.

      She bolted up, eyes widening in amazement, as the linked dishes collected and amplified the signal from space. It was indeed, in Contact, the intelligent film adapted from the novel by the late Carl Sagan. Contact is a plausible and thought- provoking piece of fiction, but the telescope facility it features so extensively, called the Very Large Array, is not only very large, it is also very real. Located on a wind-swept plateau in New Mexico at an elevation of 7, feet, the VLA consists of 27 radio telescopes arranged in a Y pattern.

      Real science goes on here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Astronomers from around the globe use these foot-wide, ton antennas to study virtual- ly everything in space, from planets in our own solar system to black holes and galaxies at the edge of the universe. There is no fee. Visitors can examine dozens of photos and displays in the Visitor Center, then walk a self-guided tour route to the base of one of the giant dishes. For a more in-depth experience, the Array offers guid- ed tours four times a year.

      The site also pops up in Armageddon and the forthcoming Chicken little, as well as a number of TV commercials and even a Bon Jovi music video. On a recent cold, moody day that promised snow, I stood at the base of Antenna No. The antennas are 82 feet wide and weigh tons. Guests can drop by the Visitor Cerrter, which is open daiiy from a. Over 2, scientists, working on more than 10, individuai astronomicai investigations, have used the VLA since the first antenna was constructed in However — despite Contacts famous scene of Foster picking up strange sounds on her headphones pictured on page 46 — the VLA is not ideaiiy suited for SETi research.

      I spent a few minutes inside the Control Room and marveled at the accuracy with which the Contact crew re-created the interior spaces. The dishes comprising the VLA work in concert as one giant, city-sized instrament. If a single antenna were to make pictures as detailed as those produced by the VLA, it would have to be 20 miles in diameter. Rather than build ever larger, impractical radio scopes, astronomers developed interferometry, a technique that makes mul- tiple smaller scopes imitate a much larger one by linking them elec- tronically. Using a network of rails, the Array can be moved into four dif- ferent configurations.

      The smallest of these crowds the dishes with- in half a mile of the center point and provides astronomers with a wider view of the sky. The largest configuration stretches out 13 miles and helps pinpoint radio wave sources very precisely. No matter what the configuration, the VLA functions as a kind of time machine, because the signals it receives today started their jour- ney millions or even billions of years ago.

      It allows scientists to probe some of the oldest mysteries of our universe, such as the ori- gins of the Big Bang. Over 2, scientists, working on more than 10, individual astronomical investigations, have used the VLA since the first of its antennas was built in The scientists who work here publish papers in journals and help expand the knowledge of astrono- my for the public as well as the scientific community. Beiow, a technician checks out iightning activity. A word about radio telescopes.

      Unlike optical scopes, the VLA does not use visible light to observe objects. Instead, it collects radio waves, which computers process into numbers and display as pic- tures on a video screen. The VLA is continually producing new images of cosmic objects like supernova remnants, interstellar clouds, pulsars, quasars and black holes, some of which were previ- ously only theoretical. These images have given astronomers a bet- ter understanding of the universe. The study of our galactic center, for instance, is far better suited to the VLA than optical telescopes, because the intervening dust clouds block all light.

      The resulting images are analyzed to tell us what the objects are, how far away they are, how old they are and what kind of energy they produce. We can observe through clouds, and we can observe during the day. As long as the source is up and we Without the electronic linking of interferometry, you would need an antenna with a mile diameter to make pictures as detailed as those produced by the VLA.

      This is the nerve center of the VLA, with computers and specialized equip- ment running the length of one wall below a bank of large windows. Outside, the great white antennas look to the heavens in sync with one another. Today, a technician is monitoring not a distant celestial object, but mere lightning activity. A volatile cold front has the staff a little nervous about the safety of their guests.

      The antennas, on the other hand, are not a source of concern. But some scien- tists who use the VLA are looking for life- forming molecules and studying the formation and evolution of plan- ets, which might lead to important discoveries in the future. The antennas receive and amplify a cosmic radio signal. Waveguide a method of transmission that uses gas instead of wires transmits the signal to the Control Building.

      The Electronics Room filters the signal. A computer called the Correlator combines the signals from each antenna with all the others. Some billion such combinations take place each second. Computers produce images from the combined signals. Video displays provide astronomers with a way of seeing the radio sky. Instead, the telescopes collect radio waves, which computers then process into numbers and display as pictures.

      Clockwise from top left are shots of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, tidal interactions and peculiar galaxies. These images give astronomers a better understanding of the universe. Just about everything else in the film depicting the VLA was shot on location. About members of the Contact cast and crew descended on the observatory for five hectic days in September A movie base camp was set up behind the antenna assembly building, where equipment and wardrobe trailers, a kitchen trailer and a dining tent were located.

      VLA persoimel and local residents appeared as extras. Weather was a problem during most of the filming, as hail, mud and cold plagued the crew. What about the science in the movie? Carl Sagan was a noted astronomer, so in general, the movie is pretty accurate scientifically. For one thing, the sky above the VLA seldom is as clear and blue as it appears in Contact. Another bit of artistic license concerns the speed at which the anten- nas move.

      September 5, 2005

      Zemeckis sped them up for better dramatic effect and even added one antenna in post-production. In the meantime, valuable work in astronomy continues here, helping to put the science in science fiction. Those who find an opportunity to visit the Very Large Array will discover a journey of scientific inquiry, and come away with a renewed fas- cination for the riddles of our universe. Highway The nearest major airport is in Albuquerque.

      From U. Signs will point you to the Visitor Center, which is open every day from a. Services on site: The Visitor Center has restrooms, water fountains and a soft-drink machine. No food is available. The nearest restaurants are in Magdalena, about 25 miles to the east, and Datil, about 20 miles to the west. Magdalena offers a lodge and some bed-and-breakfast iims. Snow is possible from September through May. Check weather reports before your trip.

      Unless you visit in the summer, jackets, hats and gloves are a very good idea. Special tours: Once each quarter, the VLA offers guided tours to the general public. The next scheduled tour will be held on April 2. Summer students provide tours on week- ends in June, July and August. The tours are free and no reservations are needed. For educational groups, staff mem- bers serve as volunteer tour guides if available ; contact the VLA two weeks before your trip to arrange the tour.

      Disney World? And we have a few more really exciting ones slated for the future articles we were, let me note, going to do any- how. Look for them in upcoming issues. Beam down! Visit soon! There s aiways something science- fictional in progress at Walt Disney Worid. Wanna meet new friends in Las Vegas? Your Daytime Phone :. Oniy a few are listed for each entry. Tanya Roberts. JedifX 4. Don Matheson. Space: EPG i. Episode Guide. Logan'is Run. Nichelle Nichols. George Takei. DeForest Kelley. SF in 3-D. Richard Anderson. Don Dixon. Robert Heiniein re: Destination Moon.

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      He said the painting was inspired by typical scenes that abound where he lives in Rush, Colorado, on prairie that was once the land where the Cheyenne used to hunt buffalo.

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      Sanders One of the most efficient and nutritious animals that can be raised on the small place is the rabbit. By Dr. Roger W. Grim, D.