A Short History of China

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There still stands a monument in Havana dedicated to the Chinese that fought in the revolution. By the s however, the Chinese community in Cuba was already diminishing, and following the revolution, many also left the island.

‎2,000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius: World History #7

The Cuban revolution did create an increase in relations with China for a short time. But the relationship did not last long. Trade and diplomatic tours increased.

Chinese leaders visited the island several times in the s and s and further increased economic and technological agreements between the two countries. Many are elderly residents who live near the run-down Barrio Chino. Some of their children and grandchildren still work in the shops and restaurants near Chinatown. Many Cuban Chinese also migrated overseas. Share Flipboard Email.

A Short History of Chinese Philosophy

Was a solid introduction to the entire history of China, but one that was extremely basic. Overall a good, narrative way of briefly tracking through Chinese history if, like me, you need an introduction to it. Dec 15, Johanne rated it liked it. A slim volume that does a good job; giving a brief overview of the history of China from its earliest days up to the present. It is written in a readable style that sustains interest and was a good foundation for a trip to China.

Sep 18, Bill rated it really liked it. This is a good brief overview of over years of Chinese history. It could be improved by the addition of territorial maps for the major dynasties, a timeline, and a few examples of classic Chinese art. Recommend for travelers planning a trip to China.

Prehistoric China

Aug 20, Roy Conboy rated it liked it. A succinct summation of Chinese history, though sometimes with a Western slant. I learned a lot, and it made me want to delve deeper. Dec 29, Adam Sherman rated it really liked it Shelves: history , east-asian-history , marsden-arm-research. Pretty good overview of China's history.

It's a little dry, but it gives you a basic overview that you don't get in school including the various political philosophies to come out of the country. Mar 28, Bryce Pinder rated it liked it. A good quick read for a history of China. Feb 13, Lottiecroghan rated it liked it.

Feb 15, Birte rated it liked it Shelves: owned. Got an overview of China, lacks a bit of deepness which is of course entirely understandable given the broad extent of the country's history. Oct 07, Visaliny rated it it was amazing. A basic introduction to China's history. Feb 23, Koroviev rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Chinese history beginners. Recommended to Koroviev by: it recommended itself while browsing the library. Shelves: male-author , history , non-fiction.

A great introduction starting about BC to the present. Apparently China has had emperors in two thousand years. The book starts with the first dynasty Xia and covers all the major ones until the last one, the Qing Dynasty.

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Then we learn about the Kuomintang, the CCP and the turmoil of the last century. At least from this quick introduction one thing seems clearish - figuring out democracy on your own is a pretty hard task. It only gets more complex with a country the size of China. View all 6 comments. Nov 27, Joseph Durham rated it really liked it. China's history is certainly long, but this book gives an overview of China's place in world history. An inspiration for further reading. The cultural achievements in China certainly mirror those of the West, pre century.

Hopefully the historical records of China's historic past have been preserved. Feb 06, Sven rated it really liked it. Good introduction covering a timespan of about 7 thousand years. Would recommend it as a first read, to gain a general overview about the topic. The well compiled "further reading" list at the end provides a good orientation, to dive deeper into the subject. Jan 24, Teresa rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction. The title is accurate, it's a short history of China. Its a good stepping stone but China's history is so long it feels like it barely skims anything.

There's a list of reference books in the back for some more in depth history.

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May 26, Eric Knudsen rated it liked it. I'm sure I missed nothing of import. Jul 21, Jackson Cyril rated it really liked it. Good introduction to a long and complex history. Sep 26, Susanne added it. Amazingly informative.

A Brief History Of Chinese Civilization

The author was able to deliver exactly the right information to help a western reader to understand China's history from a big-picture perspective. An excellent primer. Fanfare Books.

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